Klarukai (MOC)

Here is a little MOC I made because I was bored. I know it is simple but, meh.

It’s been a little bit since I’ve made a MOC. Mostly because of Overwatch. But also because, after my last MOC (which was an abomination) I was kinda of broken. I never seemed to make a decent MOC. So I kinda want on hiatus. But after a while, I begun to MOC again. And so I created this little guy.


For a regular CCBS build it’s pretty alright. Not a fan of how empty the shoulders are though. Or how the armor on the lower arms faces forward - one of my classic major rules.

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Didn’t realize the lower arm armor was on the front. Lol

It’s good, but if you don’t mind, I have two cents to throw in: if you have the pieces, use some pins to attach another toa foot onto the shoulder armor, giving you empty space for another ball joint you could use for another set of arms or more detail. Otherwise, well done!

That is the nicest/ most helpful thing anyone has said about my MOCs. Thank you :smiley:

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