Kleoth, The Traitor (HELP NEEDED!)

I’ve been working on this MOC for awhile now, and I just don’t know what to do with him…



The shoulder sticks out alot with a noticeable gap, the back beam sticks out too much for the pelvis, and the limbs need some refining.

Overall, it’s a simple yet complex model-
hope that answer your need of assist

I feel the same

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@Square Thank you, recently I’ve felt all my want to MOC fading and to be honest all my creativity.
Anyway I’m not here to get edgy so I’ll just say thanks again and start working on those things!


This is interesting, but the body is way too skinny and the shoulders are way too broad. I would try to bring the torso out more and bring the shoulders in a bit.

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The pelvis is very blocky and doesn’t flow well. I suggest you use a hand piece and ball joints there. It will give you more armor attachment points.

The arms and legs have armor that either doesn’t cover up well or juts out too much for no reason.

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