Kluuucha's BIONICLE theories

Hi guys, Kluuucha here.
I want to show some text that I’ve recently wrote. It’s theory about unity of universes; old and new. But I want to mark, that it’s not just “mask of time is here so it’s the same world” theory, so I really want you to read it. It’s rather long text, so here’s link to my blog post:

Ekimu and Makuta are…

I hope you’ll enjoy.

NOTE: Original text was in polish, and this is translation made by my friend. If anything is wrong, please post your feedback.


Interesting but how do the Masters fit in all of this?

Actally, I already wrote next part of this theory, but it still needs to be translated, so don’t worry about Toa, second post is all about them :smile: Unfortunately, both posts were written before rumours with protectors/matoran, so I accepted them as natives of Okoto :confused:

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Maybe Ekimu and Makuta made them, too, and named them after the Toa Mata?


This. I like this.

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Right, so we already have a topic for BIONICLE 2015 theories and analysis. But as long as this isn’t for just 2015 and onward, we can keep the topic open.

Yup, thanks for understanding. Actually, this is reason, why it’s not posted there :stuck_out_tongue: