Kohnoh, Toa of the Green

This here is Kohnoh. He is a ranger in the Covalan corps. Covalan is a medieval setting created by me and another dude. Doughnut steel.
Kohnoh is a cross breed of a water and plant-life elemental, and has had a tragic backstory. From his father killing himself because of public shame, leaving Kohnoh an orphan, to his half brother turning against him and serving the God of Shadows, the dreaded Makuta.
I am a big fan of drawing more or less piece accurate concept art before I go and build a MOC, and this Toa was a result of this piece of artwork: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/18951-kohnoh-toa-of-the-trees-v2/

His design was based off of a cricket, and it shows of course. I wanted him to be a recognizable character amongst his friends, but I still wanted him to pop.

He obviously has stability issues because of his interesting leg design, but if you can stand him up against something, he’s quite posable.

Here’s a lil’ peek at his build. Pay no mind to his… dirty parts. Most of his pieces haven’t been taken care of that well.

In any case, he’s just an original character from a story I’m writing. He feels like an action figure of my favorite super hero, not a MOC I made from spare parts. Finally after 3 years of fanfic writing and revisions, I have him in my hands.
Edit: Forgot to mention that I’ll be painting the torso armor a leather brown, and his mask a dark green with the melded silver.


I don’t like the feet and his color scheme could be better, but the torso is pretty cool.

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Mind going into detail? What do you recommend I change to make my MOC better?

First you should scrap the feet, or at least make them a little bigger. Then you’d need to add a lot more green, because right now he just looks like a Toa of Water.


The waist area is a bit too thin, and the rope feet isn’t to great. Otherwise it’s looking good.


Hmm, I’ve though about replacing the tubing with Gali’s hooks (silver ones), maybe that will help. And if it’s the mask throwing you off, it’ll be green after I paint it. Maybe switching the forearm color with the upper arm color would help the scheme. Thanks for the feedback!



Pretty much what they said. It’s still got a ways to go.

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The torso gives the moc a mechanical and slender look which works good imo
The feet are pretty interesting too

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My main problems are the feet and how the torso gets super thin

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I would say the construction is pretty great, where it falls short is colorscheme. If he is supposed to be a toa of the green, why does he only have green on his chest? Black and silver also provide a rather bland colorscheme overall. I would suggest adding more green/vines/etc. to associate him more with plantlife.

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It don’t make me to think at a Toa of the green.

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Those feet look pretty neat, to be honest. They look like they’d be good for sprinting.

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