Kokana Toa of Lightning

Sorry if the moc falls under questionable due to the "back"
My take on a toa of lightning, I tried something different with the head and torso. It turned out pretty well I think.


Interesting. I like what you've done with the torso, however the "butt" is questionable in how it looks.


that shield seems familiar.....

she's got a nice head

I think it looks fine from the front, but you definitely need to do something about those nuva armor pieces. I like the head!

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The back is really odd, but props to colors and overall build.

I like it, but not the butt.

Not a fan of how those nuva shoulders look, but everything else looks neat, especially the way you used the Krana.

Normally I don't care about nuva butts/boobs, but this one clashes with the texture you were going for.
Even with that considered, its still an awesome moc, with a pretty nice color scheme! Keep it up!


I would replace the "white lightning" pieces with the lightning colored ones

i like the shield, I like the head, but then the back, I honestly don't have a problem with the butt but what I think makes it look awkward is the backward Hahli Mask which makes the back look like the front. But theres nothing you can really do to fix that besides less photos of the back, other than that I like it excellent job.

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As soon as I saw that second picture...

Just no. You should feel embarrassed having taken a photo of a children's toy in a pose like that.

The MOC though, other than the back of the upper thighs, is really well done. I love that head.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks as though you've tried to compensate for the lack of a feminine figure by adding an awkwardly large posterior. My advice is simply this; Make the thighs get larger towards the top and she'll look decently feminine in that particular area of the body without the inherent awkwardness of the butt.


ur rite

What even is this mess wow
heads a little weird too, overall its an ok moc


Hmm, yeah. Redo the back, and maybe widen those shoulders a bit, and she will be good. Nice face btw, even if it is a bit creepy.

At first glance I thought the Elda was a helmet. Now I'm not sure if it's hair. Kinda liked the helmet idea.

Anyway seems to be a decent MOC. I don't really mind the "Nuva-but" however it doesn't look good here. Fix that and break up the white in the upper arms, and I think you've got a good thing here.