Kokotan Patrol

So since there’s snow I decided to take an old pic from last year, and used the updated versions of those characters and a custom ice creature.
Here’s the original for reference:

And here’s the updated version:

Just a quick thing, but thought it would be good to do.


Loving the background, where’s that image from?

It’s from the info page on Kokoto I believe

It was the art used for the Protector of Ice’s background on his set, and the title picture for the region of ice on Bionicle.com. I also have it downloaded if you want:

Oh, great picture @tak210, the background blends naturally with the snow so it looks a bit more realistic then others I’ve seen.

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Definite improvements when comparing the two. With the original, the two feel tacked on and contrast with the background, but the newer one you managed to integrate both nicely.

This is a definite improvement- but it would look even better if you were to manipulate the hue of the snow to make it more light blue like the background as opposed to the indigo-like hue it has right now