Kolk V3

Dude… He’s great! I would give this MOC a 9/10.

Amazing Job! :smile:

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Woah, that head…it certainly is a thing…


I have to say. I LOVE everything about this MOC…other then the head. I dunno why, it just kinda…ruins it for me.


Looks very nice.


I got to say this is pretty great!
But the light blue pieces and the trans-orange cone on the head feel out of place.

Love it m8

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There’s actually not any light blue on the head :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the cone is from his sword :laughing:

It’s at the end. You can see it near the edge.

Also, thanks for the comments guys!


You have done well my child. Soon you shall become a true Sith.




Good moc, but I don’t really get what the head is supposed to be.

It’s meant to be a helmet with a yellow visor. I tried the best I could, but making a custom head with a visor is hard :grinning:

Thank you for the comment!

This reminds me of Hayabusa Spartan armor, so 10/10 for that!

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I got u, fam.

Hella MOC. #Fam

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Thanks fam.
I worked hard on it ;u;

No problem, fam. I got u.


Darth Ekorak confirmed

also yeah this moc is great, as people have said it looks like hayabusaspartan armor

Danke MFS! Also, I didn’t realize until it was mentioned prior, I think the resemblance is uncanny :laughing:

Again, thank you!

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Everything but the head looks good in my opinion. Allow me to elaborate, the moc seems very solid overall, good shaping, nice colors. The head is way too big and not to mention cluttered. I don’t know what, but something about this moc just urks me as off, not right, wrong. I really can’t put my finger on it, or what is the genral issue, or even why. Don’t get me wrong, job well done. It’s just very odd to me and has an oversized head. Take my 7.8/10

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Please teach me how to build the legs

Looks like some one combined a bird and a plane and formed superman for a bad joke