Kolk V4.5

Since I have a good backdrop, I decided to do another photo shoot of Kolk, There’s a few new bits here and there as well!

This sword is Kolk’s main weapon of choice. The blade is made from highly energized power generated by the gem in the handle on the bottom.

The sword can be stored on his back.

If Kolk ever finds himself fighting off mobs of enemies, his sword can transform into a staff to help him in combat.

Comparison of the sword to the staff.

I had to open 2 black IFB brain bags to get 2 more red blades for the staff. Pretty worth.

Size comparison to a Scarif Trooper.

Currently got a pretty big project I plan to start soon, so I hope you guys like that when it’s done! Until then I hope this suffices.

See y’all around <3


I really liked it before, and now I like it just as much!

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That was a very dramatic buildup. Nice use of parts here. The Ruru and tires(?) make a great torso. Good job.

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The waist area looks a little odd to me, but otherwise I really like how sleek it looks. Really nice design.

I really like the color scheme. Purple as an accent looks brilliant, and I also like the red blade and blue head. The proportions are spot on.

I like the continued push with a more futuristic appearance; it makes him more dynamic. The styling of the limbs also works with the overall design, and the color scheme is well distributed.

“my stick can become a bigger stick!”

Real talk ven, that’s a totes lame transformation, it should split and become double bladed or something more visually distinct, it just looks like the sword grew a comically long grip, which I suppose does technically make it a spear, but it just looks kinda silly, at least imo.

I have no other complaints.
It’s clean, elegant in its simplicity, perfectly proportioned, beautiful colors as usual.
Good luck on that big project.

Sounds like a video game weakness. shoot the gem to deactivate his sword

Otherwise, the waist seems a little bland, but everything else is amazing


I really, REALLY like this moc. Same with everything you make, its just so good,from its aesthetic to color scheme to the small details that make it so smooth. 10 out of freaking 10 from me, man. Excellent job