Komao - The Engineer

Looks like a bayformer but…a hella lot cooler!

Just to make things clear, I only deducted one point from my score because of the name. I get what you’re saying though, one thing I didn’t point out originally is the similarity to a techmarine from 40k, which is an engineer. But I think the overall look and just the way it’s posed does not give the attitude of an engineer. Sure he may have some knowledge of machine maintenance and he may have built his arms, but to me, he just looks way too stealthy. The black sleek look + plus the posing, makes him look like a very cool assassin, not so much an engineer designing complex machinery.

To me, the concept is just as important as the build. But I guess that comes down to personal opinion!

To make you happy, i’ll bump it up to a 7/10 :slight_smile:

As an engineering student, I’d say that stealthy assassin works well. Think about it, engineers are smart, they understand cause and effect very well. As such an engineer would know that the best way to accomplish his missions would be with stealth, the ability to go unnoticed reduces the number of variables that must be taken into account while planning.

I am also an engineering student and maybe it’s just cause i’m an english engineer, but I cannot see any engineer doing stealth lmao…

I get what you’re all saying, but to me this doesn’t look like an engineer and never will, end of pls.

Nice! Those extra arms are super unique! You’ve got some really solid shaping going on there. And that light is absolutely sick! How’d you do it?

My biggest criticism would have to be how it feels a bit cluttered with all sorts of clashing textures (especially in the lower torso). That combined with the dark color scheme makes it difficult to clearly make out a lot of the details in many of the pics.

Looks like something out of Metal Gear. Very cool.

Love the lights.

The techniques used here are…I don’t want to say sloppy, but a bit messy? However, the end result is just so epic and poses so well that my brain just overlooks it and says “man what a cool MOC”

8/10, freakin love it man.

Love Love the extra arms, and the LED’s (or whatever they are), good job! However, it is very dark, and bland in color.

Are you trying to blind me?

He looks like one of Lockdown’s(Transformer) mercs :smiley:
He looks very nice

If I were a supervillain, I would hire this guy. Very nice.

Looks amazing, and the extra arms work well.

Just wanted to thank everyone for the support on my past two MOCs. Means a lot

Woah. Now that is impressive! I don’t know if it is just me, but I’d love to see Komao here on Ven’s MoC Spotlight! Good job, mate.

What did you use for the light in the MOC’s chest? I’m working on a stop motion project and want to modify the eye-stalks to light up.

Seen as though I have explained this many times, I will make a topic fully showing the process.

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Ok, thank you!