Kongu, Toa Typhoon

i really like this big boy
especially the bullet chain



Oi, Kongu is buff!

I really like this look, though. The ammunition chains are especially cool. The ankles are a little thin, though, and it hurt my brain to realize his biceps are almost as big as his torso, but it still looks awesome.

And, despite being well over a year late to this topic, I’d like to see the other Toa Mahri like this. Get on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mata Nui…that’s so awesome!

I like em’ big
i like em’ chunky

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oh gosh this moc is amazing!

My only real issue is that the head seems a bit small due to the larger scale.

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I see the highest complaints here are the thin ankles and small head; I’m gonna run against the grain on that.

Contrasting proportions within a structure, if done correctly, can make that structure more of an eye-catcher, more engaging visually. It also lends itself to the notion, in this case, that Kongu is wearing a mech suit, in which case the smaller proportions are not unfeasable. Standardized proportions are to be expected, so many people aim for them, and that can make a MoC blend in with a crowd. This does NOT blend into the crowd; it pulls my attention away from the crowd.

This really captures my mental visual of what a Toa looks like in Exo-Toa armor; a huge, mechanoid titan with rocket launcher arms and knack for violent justice. The original set was awesome, and did just that for the Mata/Nuva, but later Toa designs kind of… outgrew the old Exo-Toa design. I think you just updated the visual theory, and I love every bit of it.


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