Kongu's Beginning, A G3 Story

This is a story about Kongu, one of the six matoran chosen to become the next toa. It is not perfect and if you decide yo read this there are several things you should keep in mind. First, I don't generally write dialogue so it may be weird or have some grammar issues. Second, I kind of winged it when it comes to character personality. Third, I am very open to criticism of both the story and the writing itself so if you have any please tell me.

Kongu’s Beginning- A g3 Story

Part I

The sun had just begun to sink past the horizon in Le-Koro as Kongu returned home from the day's patrol. It had been a difficult day: first her Gukko bird had eaten a bush of rotten berries and gotten sick, then, after walking back to the corral, she found the only Gukko left was a young and unruly one. After getting the Gukko into a somewhat manageable state things had been relatively normal, but soon afterword some hotheaded new recruits decided to have a race during a training mission and one ran into a tree. The recruit was mostly intact, but it meant she had to calm his Gukko, which had become rather frantic from the crash, and then take both recruits back to base and suspend them before finally getting on with her patrol. Kongu was tired and only wanted to sleep, but before she could sleep she knew she would have to reorganize the patrol groups to make up for the missing manpower and think of the next day’s training mission.

Over and hour later as Kongu was about the finish reorganizing the patrol groups, there was a knock on her door. She sighed, and thinking no matter what is was it would make life more complicated. She opened the door and was greeted with something she did not expect.

“The honorable Turaga Matau summons you to the the Great Tree,” said an irritable looking Tamaru.

This surprised Kongu as she and the Turaga had already had their monthly meeting. Not letting the surprise show, she nodded and came out into the warm night. They began to walk at a brisk pace when Kongu asked, “Why did Turaga Matau send for me? I’ve already given him his monthly briefing.”

“I assure you I have no idea Kongu. All I know is that this has kept me from my bed and this isn’t the first time. The old man has kept me working late all week,” said Tamaru in an increasing fast and loud voice. “I’m telling you, if I don’t get enough sleep I can’t focus, and if I can’t focus I’ll lose efficiency, commands will be delayed and the inner workings of the entire Wahi will fall apart!

Kongu laughed internally. Tamaru was not a bad fellow, but he tended to be on the nervous side and overestimated his own importance. Nonetheless, she acknowledged his complaints with a nod. Tamaru seemed annoyed that she did not give a greater indication of hearing him but at that point she was more focused on why Turaga Matau had not stated his intentions in the message.

“It must be some new security protocol he wants me to follow. He must think the fewer people who know the better,” she thought.

The stars grew brighter as they neared the Great Tree and after a quarter of an hour they reached the doors of the Great Tree.

“Come on, come on,” Tamaru said as he more or less shoved Kongu through the doors.

They walked a few steps into the massive great hall when Turaga Matau stepped into the light cast by the center fireplace and said, “Thank you for coming Kongu, I apologize for any inconvenience.” Then, turning his head towards Tamaru he said, “You may go home now Tamaru, your willingness to stay beyond normal hours is always appreciated.”

Tamaru nodded and jogged out of the hall. “Come Kongu, we have much to discuss and I should think my office will be a more comfortable venue,” said Matau

Still wondering why she had been summoned Kongu nodded and followed the Turaga into his office.

Once in the office and seated Matau spoke. “Now Kongu, I’m sure you are wondering why I summoned you at this late hour, especially since our last briefing was but a week ago.”

“Actually sir, I think I know why you summoned me,” said Kongu.

“Well then, please share this conclusion,” responded Matau.

“As you said sir, we’ve already had our monthly briefing, so you must have asked for me here to request I add a secret new security protocol,” Kongu answered.

Matau smiled and said, “Yes, I suppose one could call it a security protocol of sorts.”

He stopped talking which prompted Kongu to say, “So sir, what’s the protocol?”

Once again Matau smiled and after a few moments he spoke again. “Quite simply Kongu, you are the protocol.”

“What do you mean,” questioned Kongu now confused.

“I will refrain from beating about the bush,” began Matau, “Kongu, you posses a great many gifts. You’ve never backed down from any situation no matter the stakes, you find solutions no one else could by taking risks no one else would, and your instincts towards danger are almost always correct. These qualities are why I promoted you to captain of the Gukko force and what make the most talented matoran to ever hold the position.”

“Thank you sir, but I don’t deserve such flattery,” said Kongu. This sudden praise made her feel uncomfortable, and she still couldn’t see what the Turaga was getting at.

“But you do deserve it Kongu, and these very traits are why I have selected you,” Matau said.

“Selected me for what sir,” said Kongu, now thoroughly flustered.

“I have selected you Kongu,” said Matau. He stopped speaking and after a momentary pause Matau said, this time with a force in his voice Kongu had never heard. “I have selected you to unite with the spirit of Lewa and become the toa of wind you were always meant to be!”

Kongu was thunderstruck. Never did she expect to hear those words come out of Turaga Matau’s mouth. It had been a millennia since Turaga Matau had relinquished his role as toa of wind, and that time had been filled with nothing but peace and prosperity for the Island.

She tried to gather her thoughts and finally spoke shakily. “But how can this be sir? We live in a time of prosperity. And how could I of all matoran ever be worthy of the power of Lewa?”

Matau laughed and said, “Kongu my dear, how could you not be worthy? I have lived quite a bit longer than you and based on personal experience I think I know who is or is not worthy of Lewa’s power. As for the timing,” his voice suddenly became one of grave importance, “All is not as it appears. We do not live in such a time of prosperity as one would think. Myself and the other Turaga have all seen signs that indicate the His imminent return. We gathered last week and decided that it was time to bring about a new team of toa.”

All of this was hitting Kongu like a wall of protosteel. She could not, would not take it in.

She spluttered out, “I have seen no signs during my patrols, there have been no sightings of his creations in a millennia. You must have been mistaken!”

Matau responded with a hint of anger in his voice, “Myself and the other Turaga have fought Him, we know his signs. You have never lived in a time of Him, do not pretend to understand His workings.” After a moment the anger left him and he said softly, “I know what you’re going through, when I was selected to unite with Lewa I too was confused and scared. But do not worry child, there is nothing to fear.”

Matau let his words sink in and then said one final thing, “Go home and get some rest Kongu, I’m sure that after the day you’ve had you’re going to need it. Return here in two days, we cannot afford to wait. You and the others selected must become one with the spirits of the elements before He truly awakens.”

Dazed, Kongu left the office and walked home in a dream-like state. She couldn’t think, all she knew is that whether the Turaga were right or wrong, she needed sleep. Kongu reached her hut, went inside and fell onto the bed. After a few minutes she was in a deep sleep.

Part II

The two days had gone by in a blur. Kongu acted mostly on auto-pilot while during patrol and it took all of her willpower to stay in control of her emotions. On the morning of the third since her meeting with Turaga Matau she left her hut and before she knew it she and Turaga Matau were together on the steps of the Great Tree.

“Come Kongu, it is time to walk the first step in the path of a toa,” said Matau.

Matau took her hand and together they took a lift down to the jungle floor. When they stepped off the lift Matau guided her onto a path. A path, Kongu realised, she had never seen before.

Sensing her surprise Matau explained, “The path can only be seen by those who are told the way. You must never tell anyone its secret besides your eventual replacement, and your toa brothers and sisters.”

Kongu nodded and they continued down the path. After several minutes they came to an expansive clearing. Sun shown through a hole in the canopy and hit a canister in the center of the clearing. The canister was more than twice Kongu’s size and stood on an altar of rock and vines. Kongu knew what the canister was, she had heard stories of the toa since her first years. Even so she made no move toward the canister.

Matau let go of her hand and said, “The time has come for you to unite with the spirit of Lewa, step into the canister and you will know the power of a toa.”

Kongu slowly moved forward until she was a step away from the canister. The canister opened suddenly with a loud “Schh”. The loud noise caused Kongu to jump but after a moment she settled down. Before stepping into the canister she took one final look at Turaga Matau who gave a nod of assurance. She stepped in, the door slid shut and instantly Kongu was in a darkness deeper than that of any cave.

Kongu felt like she couldn’t breath, like the walls were closing in on her, but then a green and white light began to emit from all sides. It grew brighter and brighter and started to condense into one shape. The condensing shape gradually formed into an immense green being. The nebulous being was like none Kongu had ever seen, yet she instinctively knew who it was.

“Lewa,” she whispered in awe.

Then a voice came from the mask she had seen in countless works of art and heard described in many tales,“Be not afraid my child, for you are worthy of my power.”

Lewa’s light and friendly voice immediately caused all of Kongu’s apprehensions drift away.

Again Lewa spoke and said, “Come closer, and allow me to share what must now be yours.”

Kongu stepped toward Lewa and touched his now outstretched hand. Instantly her entire body glowed with the same green and white light that formed his body. Then pain like Kongu had never felt before hit her. She felt stretched far beyond her body’s capacity, and in her core she felt a searing pain which gradually enveloped her entirety. The pain lasted for what seemed like ages, but then it was over. The green light and the pain was gone and again Kongu was in darkness.

The door slid open and sunlight hit Kongu directly in the eyes. She stumbled out of the canister and could not help but notice the length of her stride. Kongu brought her hand up to her face and saw that it was not her hand, but that of someone with a much larger body. She looked over at Turaga Matau who beamed and pointed towards a pool of water to the left of the canister. Kongu looked into the reflection and did not see herself. Instead she saw a tall figure clad in green and white armor, wearing a mask that slightly resembled her old Miru. For several minutes all Kongu could do was look into the reflection.

Then Matau politely coughed and said, “While undoubtedly you are shocked by your new appearance, I must insist that we leave. We are expected to meet the other Turaga along with your new brothers and sisters, and I’m afraid we’re already late.”

Kongu nodded and then spoke for the first time in her new body, “I’m a toa, an actual toa.”

“Yes you are my dear Kongu, yes you are,” said Matau.

Then chuckling, he walked over and once again took Kongu’s hand. Together they left the clearing and made their way to a meeting. A meeting that Kongu thought would undoubtedly be unforgettable.

And Thus Kongu Became The Toa of Wind


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