Kopaka in the snow (england edition)

Some of the english folk may have noticed it snowed today! In the morning I decided to take some shots of the good ol' master of ice and his little buddy, before I went out for the entire day.

If you have a tumblr or want to view the other pictures, here is a link to the Kopaka photoset and the PoI photoset

Also... I am aware that the PoI is missing one stud from his shooter >.>


The both look really cool in their natural element.

Idea for a picture: Stand up Kopaka and then throw a snowball at him, then set up the Protector of Ice and take a picture.

Protector's like, "Master of Ice, huh"

Thanks a lot and haha, when the snow comes again, I shall do that!! I was in a bit of a rush with these photos, as I only had about 15 minutes to do them :/

Did Kopaka slip?


SHHHH don't ruin his cool


Was this intentional?

Nice photos by the way! smile_cat


Dunno if this should go in Lego Creations since it's just official sets being (excellently) photographed, but I'm also not sure where else to put it... Art, perhaps?

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Someone already made a meme of that, with an actual photo too. Was it you, RaggedClaws?

this is what i wanted to do with strakk BUT NOOOOO TEXAS DOESNT GET SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah... I was thinking that... Although when I was looking for other topics about pics of bionices in snow, another Kopaka in the snow was post in Lego Creations and nobody gave a toss about it.

What are you referring too?


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Awesome photos.

You should give Kopaka a second spear and then use the spears as Ski poles. (I was going to do this myself but then someone stole the camera I use, so no photography for me. =P)


your photo quality is so good! I wish my pictures could've looked like that.

I was about to post what I had written, but Chro posted in the few second I took to write my post. So it looks confusing.

I am referring to a meme by TeslaEffect which is post 378 in the Bionicle Memes topic.
For some reason I can't copy the picture itself, so I'm pointing you where to look.

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Im preety sure this should be in Bionicle or in Artwork, otherwise nice colours, what phone are you suing? (Unless you brought Camera xP)

I'm actually using my dad's camera (that he barely uses) for all my pictures and I believe it's called a Canon EOS 600D.

Out of curiosity, did you manage to loose any Protector bullets? XP

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Nope! I mean, I have lost one of the PoI bullets (as shown in pictures), but that was because I was transporting him in my bag :/

But luckily none were lost to the snow that day.

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