Kopaka Master of Ice! (MOC)

Although I do have a constraction moc topic I feel Kopaka my favorite Toa (Tying with Pohatu) Deserves his own topic. so time to get to the moc!

Kopaka Master of Ice!

I'm really proud of this guy although by others standards this moc may not be that god.

With a ice axe/spear

Running with dual swords.

Without the shoulder pads

Aiding a pesky le matoran

His back

One last pic of him
Please leave constructive criticism.


why did you make another seperate topic for a moc when you have this topic;

Because I feel Kopaka my favorite toa deserves his own topic. If I'm not aloud I'm really sorry and will quicky move it to my moc topic.

I don't know about that,
he seems pretty god to me.


Yus. Kopaka is pretty darn God.


kopaka god of ice
coming 2017


I believe that's my role

Ice god of kopaka?




I like the design, but it feels a bit off here and there, especially on the upper chest (the bohrok eyes seem out of place) and the knees (the nuva shoulders just look odd when he stands up straight). Other than that, the rest of the design is great. I definitely think black and silver work better in his color scheme than gold.

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Thanks. I can understand how the armour looks awkward but personally I like it that way because it's supposed to look like after his adventures he's begun to collect little scraps and pieces to use as armour so they wouldn't look proper and would kind of feel out of place.


he's so short

it's hilarious

Also, the chest is very awkward and gappy. Maybe bring the armor in a bit or replace it?

Yeah whenever I make a Mata revamp I usually make them really short to reference how small the originals where. Also by bringing armour in do you mean get new armour or try to position the armour differently.

Either one works, with the preference being new armor.

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