Kopaka Master Uniter - Gearbox, waist function and Unity mode

Hi everyone. Here is my 'Kopaka Master Uniter'. Basicly Kopaka 2016 with the gear function of Kopaka 2015. But also works in Unity Mode.

I wanted to do this since they were officially available (in US), but I had to wait (because I'm from Europe).

It is made of Kopaka 2016 and Kopaka 2015, a friction adding gear+pin (which I took from Gali 2015), 6 long axle and 1 "spare piece"-piece.

Took me one night to build him.

Even in Unity mode you can turn the piece on the back to move the (left) arm up and down.

Wanted to make them (also Melum) look, just as the original sets, but with the arm function.

In this version I couldn't get back armor working.

The axle does stick out which limit his function, but it is still usable and I don't mind it that much.

Preparing for Unity Mode

Taking the yellow gear off and store it on his back.

Taking his function piece (tail), connecting to the axle and push it forward.

The axle that was sticking out of Melum is now connecting to Kopaka's gear function.

Placing the arms and head right, and voila: Here he is.


Wow, mate, this impresses me on a level you can't even imagine.


Thanks! It surprised me that nobody else tried to do this earlier, since I got the set later.


Yeah, that also surprise me. :smile:

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I've seen peeps combine waist and gear function, but not unity along with that! Nice job.


I'm really impressed you managed to get the Unity to work as well. That's cool. :smile:


Extremely impressive and clever. Surprised there aren't more likes on this.


Now that... that was well thought out. Good job dude!
I may have to try this out myself if ya don't mind


Wow this is real groovy man, I'm amazed no one has tried to combine the unity and gear function like this Before. I will probably do this now.

Here's my GIF to you.


Impressive, seems strange that no one ever made this before... Well, I guess those great mocists out there are unable to work wit gear functions. /s?
If you want to improve the look of this you should rework Kopaka's upper arms and the way the axle hides in Melum, other than that it's good.
Again, really ingenious. My compliments.

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Thanks everyone!

If I could I would try it with the other sets, but I restricted myself to only buy Kopaka and Umarak.
So go ahead and try it yourself I guess, be sure to link/mention me then so I can see it ::smiley:

Yeah, the shoulders and Melum's axle were my main obstacles. I restricted myself to only use parts from the two sets (which I already failed in with a axle).

In an earlier version Kopaka had a long function axle, which went through Melum's body, but changed it soon after to what you see now (too bad I didn't made poctures of it).

If you want more pictures of the build you can ask.

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Here they are~

Arm and leg build are obvious, right? Here a side view.

Below the chest piece, a construction to fill in the space.

Really proud of this xd Bonus pic! Without the extra construction:

The axle with stopper for the waist function is the longer one than the original one.


Side view of Melum

There is an axle hole thing in there, to prevent the axle from falling out of it.

The unity piece is besides the one-half pin not really connected to the torso, but with an 3-long axle to the grey piece.

Don't know how to explain the instructions better...


so much.

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This is actually pretty neat. I like how you can remove the gear and store it so the uniting function can work.

Gr8 job, m8. I r8 8/8.


Version 2.0! (kinda)

I reworked it and tried to make the axle in Melum less obvious. Which did work, but as some other flaws. Also I don't need the extra 6-long axle anymore. Have a look:

No obvious changes

(Had to lift the piece up on Melum.. >,<) On Kopaka there is a 4-long axle on the left side of his body, later used for unity mode.

Had to change the weapen, because I used the black piece.

Preparing for Unity Mode

Storage of the yellow is now more hidden and nicer in my opinion. Also adding now the 4-long axle.

Better look at Melum's back. Just as earlier version, take the action pieces to the lower axle.

The flaws:

In some cases both the black connector piece and axle can stuck to Melum while disconnecting them from Unity Mode.

In worst case only the axle is stuck, which is difficult to get out.

So, which one do you like better?

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