Kopaka Mata Revamp

So I revamped Kopaka. Because why not.

Click here to see more.

Tell me what you guys think!


Cool II just made a Kopaka too.

Wow. You managed to add effect and possibility while peeking the look of the original. 10/10

The torso is a bit too long, but otherwise this is crazily accurate! GJ man!


Kopaka: "It's Ice Cream Time."


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Is...is that system! stuck_out_tongue

It looks really good except that really tall torso.

Thanks, all!

@Political_Slime After looking back at it, I think it's not that the torso's too long, but rather the legs are too short. I'll see if I can try and fix that.

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I agree with Slime... The body is a little long. Make it shorter and the legs longer, and it will be more proportional.

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You've done a nice job emulating the look of the original Mata build, but yes, the torso is too tall.

Literally almost nobody here gets what @Hawkflight just referenced.

it looks....


Mainly because Spencer is the only one that had the chance to get it

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Looks awesome. smiley

Ice cream time for Kopaka? Guess we'll see him later.