Kopaka Mata, the coolest Toa

I like kopaka.
That’s all I have to say.

Hope u liek.


That’s a pretty cool interpretation of Kopaka.

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I like it but, it looks more like the skeleton of Kopaka.

The skull villains are Toa confirmed

The lower arms bother me. When you straighten them out, the lower arm is behind the upper arm.


I like this MOC a lot. I guess you could say that it’s… neat.</span class=“spoiler”>

While not the most intricate MOC on the webs, I really like this. The slim and simple build is unique and well done. The few complaints that I have are that the elbows look terrible for posing, and that the sword being connected normally to the hand socket piece looks really weird. I would suggest attaching it via a peg to the bottom of the hand.

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Um… technically Kopaka Nuva has the strongest control over ice, thus making him cooler./s

This is actually pretty neat for its simplicity!

He looks a bit thin, but otherwise he looks okay

he’s thin, but so was Kopaka Mata. so it all good and everyone else is dum


I think the only thing I can call this is stringy.

You know, I really like this, because it feels very much like the first incarnation of Kopaka. When you look at the original mata body, it really was one thin waist and then a bunch of kibble and pistons around it. I would love to see you do a Nuva style Kopaka G1, using the same build, but with added armour or something. I think my one complaint is the arm build. It’s like articulated Av-Matoran arms and that’s just vomit inducing.

anway, 8/10 mate

Someone get that boy a sandwich.

Nice MOC. I like it.

I like it, but there could be less black on the arms.


To be honest, the torso look pretty thin. Other than that, this is pretty cool.

Bit spindly for my tastes, but he’s cool. IwasnttryingtomakeapunIswear

An interesting style, neat!

A curious, more robotic interpretation of the Toa of Ice… I like it. Super-posable as well, by the looks of it.

I think it needs a little more bulk in the torso, but those are some lovely gams he’s got!

You’re dead to me.

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I really like this interpretation. It’s unique and very different from the original, but giving off a similar vibe.

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