Kopaka, Toa of Ice

“The evil on this island is about to learn that justice can be very…cold.”

Sometimes it’s nice to go back to where things all began.


Wow, that’s nice. The black ball in the chest actually works.

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Nice Brick build! I really ought to try something like this…

Also, I love that you made Kopaka a Lefty! Lefties Unite!

Looks a lot like the animation model for the mask of light video game, probably the best combination of bionicle and system that I have ever seen.


Awesome. :cool:

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Great sword, didn’t even notice it was custom at first glance.

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Great and accurate build! I love the addition of the red flag!

The sword reminds me of the lion swords fro Chima. I love the buld.

You have done a very noble reimagining of my favorite toa! thanks, man! Love the sword and the red-flag-nod to the hunting tactics of ko-matoran.

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