Kopaka Vs Tahnok Stopmotion



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Really neat!
Only critiques are, could have used a few more frames, more balljoint motion (e.g. walking, although I understand that it's hard to do with the earlier knee-less sets) and the lighting randomly changed.

Yeah, definitely more frames, helps the motion feel smoother.

I recommend 30 fps or frames per second. It takes a while, but it created a good look.

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The program I use doesn't even allow that last I checked. You're better off with 14 FPS, as it creates a similar effect without needing to be half the frames of live television.

I say 30 fps because that's the amount of frames I use for 3D animation, and the process of 3D animation and stop motion is pretty much the same in regards to frames.

so while yeah, you can get away with fewer frames, the more you have, the better.

Very nice; I liked the random Skull Spider getting run over. Also, how did you hold the krana up for the bit where it was being flung at Kopaka?

The krana was held up by fishing wire; you can see it when it goes infront of the black area on the wall.

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