Koparis adventures(cannon to the self-moc actual role-play topic)

as the larger beings were bickering the young po-matoran kopari went on his own adventure. koparis voyage was a daring one, as he looks across this once great island he pulls out a lightstone. kopari stumbles around, tripping into a cave, scared and worried he looks around for his lightstone he finds it, re-gain his structure he notices a dent and crack in his kanohi.
when he gets back up the light shows him a skeleton glistening in ice, kopari shreaks and jumps back but unwavering he regains his confidence. kopari wonders around the cave, he finds a shattered bronze, obsidian and gold sword; taking the pieces, he puts them in his satchel. the cave seemed to change in crazed ways doors opening in every angle and hatches opening up, lights flickering. he jumps back in fear noticing he found a large button, when he jumped off a pedestal rises out of the now shattered and melting button. as the large pedestal rises out of the now steaming liquid protodermis a medium sized-ice covered toa stone comes out of the top. grabbing it quickly kopari uses his kohli staff to climb up the cave when hes on the way upwards the mask of his fallen friend falls out, grabbing it he throws it out of the now ravine, climbing out he's blinded by the light confusing him.