Kopeke, Toa of Ash

When I first got Kopeke I thought he was fire type (stupid, I know). I liked the white/old grey color scheme and thought it was like ash.

I’m taking suggestions for a replacement to the fire piece, I had a Hordika Vakama weapon before, but the red didn’t fit.

I tried something different so I gathered all my old grey pieces (most from Rahkshi sets)
and came out with an interesting body (think Atlas from Portal 2).

The “wings” were an add on to use the Mctoran feet somehow. It ended looking like some kind of demonic tooth fairy.

Anyways, I’m just uploading the MOCs I have built currently and hope to see feedback.


That’s a hilarious concept.

Umm…that sword did come in black, once, if you think that’d fit the colour scheme better.

Actually I happen to have that piece! 10 of them… Let my try it.

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That looks better.

I’m sorry, but I cannot have any good words

The Rahkshi torso arms are bizarre and the thigh things are slapped on. The body is aenorexic and the back doesn’t make sense

and the character/canon breaking…

I can’t get behind this, sorry

I’d have to agree.

Less so with the cannon break, because multiple universes…

But everything is extremely basic and slapped together…

The color scheme and concept is actually okay though. For me at least. Maybe try reworking the body and get some better limbs on him.


On the contrary, I think that the moc is an interesting concept and build. I just need to get the negative out of the way and the build is jus a generic build. But the colors and the black fire sword is cool. I think you should bulk him up and complete the build. This would be acceptable if it was a WIP but as a completed mov, this is not very good. But keep on building this guy up and he could be really cool.

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Thanks, one of the major problems though is my lack of old grey pieces. Would it be better to add black highlights or new grey ones?

Add some black peices as the bones and body and add white and grey armor so the sword blends in more. I recommend building a custom body that can bulk up the torso and fill in the other body parts. But as I said, I like the concept. So get to work friend.

This is so wierd. I can’t tell If I like this or not.

I like it. Really unique looking. Only thing I’d say is to widen the torso a bit.

Maybe use black as an under-armor color, and then layer the old grey and white on top of it, give you a bit more pieces to work with?

Here’s v2, not sure if I like it, maybe it wasn’t a good Idea to add the red-orange. I don’t want to widen the body as the point of the moc is to look skinny and gargoyle-ish. I’m going to rebuild it soon so leave feedback. (also, what greys would be ok to use with old grey? I don’t have very much old grey, but I have some new grey or gun metal.)

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He looks less like a toa of ash and more like a robot of fire.

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v3 got rid of the red bits and tried to focus more on the structure. I’m pretty happy with this design, but please still leave feedback.

Better quality pictures


he looks alright