Korrothean Firebird (A set combo-MOC)

A musical cry sounds out overhead and fire streaks the sky. The servants of Fire are rarely far behind.

A rahi species originally created by Makuta Inferrax (who went on to become the Elemental Lord of Light (Av-Nui) in Korrothis), the Korrothean firebird is a large avian rahi with potent innate fire powers and the ability to infuse any area they inhabit with energy, making them especially dangerous when paired up with a toa of Fire, Plasma, Light, Magnetism or Lightning.

Their presence is generally taken as a sign that the toa servants of the Ta-Nui are nearby, regardless of how true this might be. The only population of these rahi lives on the island of Korrothis and they do often follow the Archons of Fire on their missions across the Matoran Universe.

When Korrothis broke out and away from the Matoran Universe, the firebirds mostly stayed behind to help the Ta-Nui and his Archons (who refused to flee) battle against Teridax’s forces within the doomed universe. They were all killed, but a few eggs, old ones and new mothers remained and repopulated.

The Korrokoa of the Black Spike Mountains took a great liking to them and reared a second population under their care at the Eyrie. Those that did remain on Korrothis had descendents that travelled to Atmos Magna with Gringat and would later evolve into several species.

This MOC is a combo-model between Brain Attack Rocka and Ackar

and it was made during the first livesteam I did with The Broken Axles; CallanLOF, Ben Cossy and Shadowgear6335 just over 2 years ago. You can blame a recent Harry Potter marathon with a couple of friends to make me want to showcase this fellow.


Hey, I remember seeing this on the stream. Neat build, considering what you had to work with.

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Ok, that Ackar helmet oddly works well for a bird head. Well done

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Wasn’t to big on how the Ackar head looked at first but the more I look at now the more it fits.

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This is a pretty cool MOC!

Nice, man.

Not really you have more pieces than me :cry:
(moan) if only…



That… is a nice beak

This is rather awesome. At first glance it is without a doubt a bird, so points for pulling off the look well. The head is quite the clever design and makes very good use of the Ackar helmet. The feet are a bit disappointing in my opinion, but given this is made solely from two sets I think it’s an understandable design choice.

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thanks man I needed a hug :cry:

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Wow. You must be very brave for taking apart your Ackar set :stuck_out_tongue: I love that head.

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