Kovaan, Warrior of The Cold Lands

Kovaan is the Toa of Ice, and is know as “The warrior of the cold lands”, because he regularly travels, trains, and fights in a climate that has temperatures of about 1,000 degrees below zero.




Weapon pics:


Dang, if you compare him to the V1 Kovaan he looks waaaaay beefier.

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Thanks, and yeah he’s been working out.


He is really, cool. Get it.
I actually really like the asymmetry

somebody here proved me wrong that they were bad and i like it

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You just began to make TONS of MOCs, Dude! And all of them are really cool! I can’t imagine how you can do that! That sword, the design, so cool. I don’t really have any complaints about this.

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All right so there is something that… That just looks odd for me, but I can’t put my finger on it. I think that the proportions are what disturb me. Long arms and legs, tiny torso, head that sticks out. Hm… Or maybe the big spikes on the shoulder pads… Meh, can’t really find it.
And one more question: if he is a Toa, why do he has claws? They do not inspire the Toa feeling to me.