Kragged MOC

Kragged was a normal, friendly bionicle until one day he was banished from his land for no reason. He had to sail to another island but as he did his boat was destroyed by a creature living under the water. This creature’s soul possesed him making him go insane and grow strange things like a tail and spikes. He wanders the island he was banished from, seeking revenge.

Front without weapons

Front with weapons

Back without weapons

Weapons (Right=shield, left=blaster)

Front without armour

Kragged’s head latched onto the chest of Whenua Hordika (Child version)
Kragged’s head can do this because the creature that possessed him could do this - similar mechanism to the skull spiders.


I expect this to have glue.
The build is pretty weak. Many pieces sticks out and have some mixure of small design used on other sets (Gorast legs, Uxar Wing, Umarak Chest).


well that’s what MOCing is about, right? Taking parts off other sets and combining them to make a new creation.

why? oh wait… the lego movie… I’m stupid

Eh, not exactly. Simply taking off parts doesn’t work very well, you need to adapt parts more to make them consistent. The part selection looks random and not very fitting for a coherent MOC.

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This really needs a fair amount of work.

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Looks like a possessed Krusty the Clown