Krana Skull

[details=Background info]This here carries five layers of eight krana, totalling 40 krana.
I’m actually planning on giving this head a body, but I never managed to get round to it.
I’m also planning on replacing the bohrok eyes it’s resting on with flat dark gold kraata,
but it’s hard to come across these in any stock that exceeds 3.[/details]

I tried showing what the build looks like on the inside by taking it apart, but it’s still too cluttered to reveal anything.

If anyone is interested in the build I can create an .lxf file.


Pretty cool design!

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… This is amazing and I want it.

I don’t see a skull, but this sure as heck looks awesome.

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Huitzilopotchli is very pleased by this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wikipedia’d them. Still don’t know how they’re related, but thanks still.

I am interested.
This will be the biggest moc ever made.

An Aztec god. This MOC reminded me of the racks of skulls the Aztecs would make.

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