Krekka Revamp (Movie Version)

Aw man. This just looks so complete. I love it!

That is cool!

Awesome take on Krekka! definetly has similarities to the movie version!

thaks evryone!

Looks very much like his dopey movie counterpart with the jaw. I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

it took me a long time to make the head but I’m very satisfied with th result

That head still looks so awkward to me personally… Good job for the articulate hands though!

@Rockho lol that was hilarious

yeah rockho that video was so funny man:joy:

@Wheatley @Makantor_Jesus

Don’t thank me, thank the master animator Vrahno!

thaks Vrahno!!!

Why didn’t the real set look like this?
Great job man. I really like the accuracy to the movie!

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This and Pit Krekka. Looks like Krekka’s coming back to life! Cool MOC!

it’s pretty good, but if this is supposed to be a movie version, there should be a lot more silver on the thighs, and you should use some hordika feet for his feet.

you’re right what the fudge?!

Nice job. I like the legs and the torso; also like that jaw section of his head. Looks faithful to his movie version; definitely an improvement over the original Krekka. Keep up the great work!

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thanks buddy!

One of Krekka’s eyes should be missing. If you didn’t want to leave one of the eyeholes empty, you could’ve used a differently colored stud piece (for example, a clear or a black one) to signify that.

I would buy this.

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