Krelikan (My current self-MOC, and it's history) (Updated: 01/25/23)

It’s a tabletop star wars war game, and both of those pictures are heavily used by its cards and cards from other star wars wargames by the same manufacturer, look it up sometime.

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nice to see a self mic that’s not a toa

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It’s real

I heard rumors, but I never actually believed

Very nice


Always believe in me


That’s a neat torso design!


Eat it, me

Splitting four arms

It’s not perfect, and at times I think it’s even illegal, but I had to do it. At certain angles, the forward arm will be pushed, which definitely isn’t legal, but 90 and 180 degree angles are perfectly legal as far as I can see. When the arms are split, I think it’s 100% legal.

And since I couldn’t resist, each arm with a sword. (I might make some official swords for Krelikan later.)

Close ups

Some close ups so you can see the actual construction.

I made some other small adjustments to the torso, but nothing big. It was mainly just accommodate the new arms. They aren’t as flexible as the old ones, but I think I can live with that.


Ooh looks really cool! Nicely constructed.


Now your not even hiding the fact youre building bionicle grevious…
But hey, thats fine

Pretty cool, though I honestly preferred the original two arms minus the splitting function


Visually, I agree with you. I knew I would be sacrificing that with these new arms. I still have the old ones fully built, so I can go back if I really want to, but realistically I won’t. I’d much more likely continue to work on the current set of arms to improve how they look.


to help you out in that project, I do have a few comments on the new arms:

the combined arms feel a little skinny (not bad at all, they just appear a bit thin), which might give you space to beef up the split arms which kinda look like absolute twigs. something I do really like from the arms is the shoulder block and the leg/spike peices you used on the sides, they look very nice when the arms are folded together for some reason

I havent really been a huge fan of the hands looking like grabber claws when the arms are together (or in the older version, though if I had to pick one Id lean there with the bohrok eyes mostly parallel to the hand), and the fingers seem a bit aquard when the arms are split (though it is a pretty tight space youve got to work with in order to get it to split, so ignore me if its just not easily possible to reposition things). going back to the arms, the hands feel a bit disproportionately big compared to them when its all together, though thats probably easier to fix with changes to the arms than the hands

on posing, I think the moc looks better with the shoulders flared up when the arms are split, rather than they move with the rest of the arms like… well shoulders I guess

definitely agree, I think he could really use some weapons specifically for him

still a very nice moc regardless of anything Ive said, but he still looks like grevious


A big part of this is trying to reduce weight. The biggest issue for splitting arms seems to always be a lack of friction. I’m pretty close to having the split arms be subject to gravity, which makes pose ability reduced. I might be able to slap some system pieces on the upper arm, but that would be about as far as I could go unless I get pieces with very high friction. (The current pieces are already brand new)

I have to assume it’s possible to tighten things somewhat, but I either don’t know how I’d do it, or do not have the proper pieces to do so. I don’t buy system pieces pretty much at all, so my selection is fairly limited.

Interesting. I actually think the hands look worse when connected. One of the things I miss from the old arms is the extra shape they had on the hands, and overall more compact design. I feel like it might be unavoidable that the hands be too large. They’re very restricted since you need two joints per arm.

Noted. I really do appreciate all your feedback on this


yep, thats what I was trying to say in some sort of roundabout fashion

a trick Ive come to love is using 3L axles with the stud stopper on one end, inserting the stud into a pinhole and getting a ton of friction. the only issues are fitting the rest of the 3L axle in a build and adding to the other side of the joint to prevent it from being too fragile. Alternatively, black pinaxles are wonderful wonderful things, but I ran out of those long ago and dont really order parts ever.


Alright, after a bit more fiddling around, I’ve got a new iteration of arms. They’re unfortunately heavier, but are more armored, and allow for more legal poses.

I also made a sword, although I’m not overly fond of the design

Obviously I had to make four of them as well

Arms at different angles

Any and all feedback would be great.