Kretta's Gen. 2 BIONICLE MOC's!

Hey guys, I’ve been having fun with the new BIONICLE sets and have been MOCing quite a bit, so I wanted to share my MOCs with you guys.

I have opted to only use BIONICLE 2015 and onward parts to mess with. I do this because I like to make a MOC, and then remake my sets to make sure I still have everything, and then I MOC again.

Hope you guys will enjoy!

The Skull protector!

The Skull Protector #2!

The Master of Skulls!


…and finally:…

The Master of Protectors!

And, that’s it for now!
There’s not much I can say about these MOC’s other than that I just made something I thought was neat.
They are all broken now, but I’m sure I could rebuild them.

Hope you guys enjoyed, I will be posting more, so remember to hit that Tracking button if you want to see more!
Constructive criticism is very welcome and thanks for viewing. :smiley:


On the topic of Gen 2 MOCs, this reminds me alot of the really old MOCs that came before 2004. Which makes me wonder if we’ll have any kind of divide between new and old fans besides age…

I’m liking the MOCs, although they seem a wee bit too similar to the sets out now. Although I can’t really say anything about that since you’re strictly using G2 parts.


I sense a challenge…
Challenge accpeted >:}

I shall now try and work on more… Complex models.
Like a Omega Kopaka! That’s original… Right…?


Skull Protector of Water: Attacks enemies with his massively overgrown toenails, pitifully small ice picks, and uber beefy chest.

Skull Protector of Fire: Attacks enemies with his gloriously alternating fire and stone ammunition, feet ripped off of another protector, and inconsistent color scheme. Also transforms so he can use Gorilla Warfare.

Master of Skulls: “I am Skully. My massive feet extensions will not help me whatsoever. It is my destiny to claim my golden Skull Spider of power and become THE MASTER OF SKULLS!”

Image 4: Tahu and the Fire Protector don the colors of their true idols.

Master of Protectors: “I am the Protector of Stone. I am armed with every weapon in existence to slice, block, burn, and cut my enemies. It is my destiny to… actually, screw Golden masks. My body is already ready.”


I like all of these, particularly the Master of Protector’s sweet rocket powered board thing which reminds me of Treasure Planet

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That Master of Protectors is really cool looking.


I love it!!! I bow before that Master of Protectors :stuck_out_tongue:

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Huh, mixups of the actual sets. Really cool.

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Once I get Gali and Onua! I’ll mash up the rest of the Toa too!

@Hawkflight Wonderful description! :smiley:


I’d say my favorite’s the almighty multitasking Master of Protectors.

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Hey guys!

It hasn’t been too long, but I’ve created Five more MOC’s to share today! :smiley:

Starting with:

Number 0.

Omega Kopaka…
This one’s for @Risebell . :smiley:

Next is:

Number 1.

Spot holder for Skull Scorpio…

Failed handstand :stuck_out_tongue:

Number 2.

Dr. Skullspidertaviosocto…

Number 3

Spot holder for Skull Slicer…

Number 4.

A Female Protector of Jungle…

She is also, as most Jungle Villager are, a wild beast tamer!

Number 5.

Ekimu’s stand-in…

Apparently the Protector of Fire decided that in the absence of Ekimu and Makuta that he’d take their place and become the Mask Maker until their return, but unfortunately he crafted the very mask that brought the Skull Spiders to the island…

But, atleast he puts the hammer to good use! :smiley:

Thanks for viewing my second post of MOC’s, more will be made, and posted here.

If you have any Constructive Criticism, Comments and Requests, post them below! :smiley:


Have I ever told you how creepy I think insects and arachnids are? :stuck_out_tongue:


the psychic pig-tails are the best!

ignore rise, I’m basing my self-moc on the set designs, there’s nothing wrong with using them as inspiration.

also, these are all really good looking, you’re really showing that CCBS can be used just as well as BIONICLE parts.

@Risebell you and me both.


that weapon that the female protector had is SWEET!!!
also skull scorpio… just2good.

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I don’t know what you’re taking about, Rise. Arachnids are pretty awesome.


Omega Kopaka: Now with 50% less weirder legs.

Skull Scorpio: Now with venomous Blue Pins in his claws. Beware his Stinger-shooter tail.

Dr. Skullspidertaviosocto: His claw pack is clearly not a part of him, you can tell by the color scheme.

Skull Slicer. I don’t even.

Female Protector: You can tell she’s female because of the pigtails that stick out like anime hair. Color-scheme-breaking gun included.

Ekimu: Fire Protector got golden armor and became as powerful as Ekimu. That is all.


Can I just call the Skull Slicer a Nui Rama?


These are all really great!

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The actual Skull Slicer is rumored to be a four-armed humanoid, so no

But these MOCs are nice :stuck_out_tongue:


Master of Protectors is awesome! Also love your Skull Scorpio!