Krevie the Brave

Having no memory of her species or where she comes from, only her name, Krevie once woke up in a small Vo-Matoran village in a hut being tended to by an old Turaga of Lightning, among some Vo-matoran holding bowls of water and damp cloths. They told her that they found her collapsed outside their village, and the only thing she had with her was her strange weapon. Although she possesses no elemental abilities, her quick reflexes and nimble acrobatics, along with what appears to be naturally amazing fighting skills, somewhat make up for it. Her recovery was moderately slow, and whatever had happened to her that caused her memory loss has also caused some minor permanent deformities, but not enough to hinder her at all, so Krevie soon proved to be useful around the village, and she eventually decided to stay, seeing as there was nobody to protect the vulnerable village, in case there was ever an attack. Her weapon is a simple thing, really just a pole with weighted ends, that has a hilt with a glass guard, that can slide all the way up and down the shaft. The metal pole simply slides due to gravity, so using proper balancing techniques, she can deliver fast blows with it utilizing gravity and momentum to her advantage and adding power to her strikes.



Holding weapon


4th Wall: I wanted to create a female character with a simple yet unique build, and this was the result. She was actually a pretty quick build, maybe took like 20 minutes? The limbs are super simple, but if anyone wants an exploded view of the torso, just let me know and I can add it.



Arms are thin. And awkward.

Lower portion of the body is awkward. Really awkward.

Legs are really meh.

Lack of a neck.

Red and Blue isn't a good colorscheme, IMO.

EDIT: OK for a 20 minute build, which technically makes it a tablescrap.

Keep in mind her build isn't supposed to be human-er-toa like. I used armorless HF bones to make a skinny look, and put the shoulders far back and the hips far forward.

I do agree the crotch looks weird though, that gear is just out of place, I couldn't find something that used both the ball socket in her torso and that empty space connecting her hips. Maybe I can try a silver Slizer foot, if I can find a spare one.

So there is some concrete definition of Tablescrap now?

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Think it needs a bit more metru blue if you want it in the colorscheme.

It's already been said the crotch looks odd, so I won't bring it up.

I suggest you widen the hips a little.


Not a fan. I think there's some potential, but the execution not as much...The colors are an odd choice, I'm not sure if it works, the torso and limbs are too skinny (for my tastes, at least), and the build is overall lackluster.

Maybe try again and put some more time into it and really make it pop!

This is awkward in a good way. Still, it fails to look female.

I've always taken a tablescrap as a quick moc that really wasn't meant to look as good as something you might experiment on and work on until perfect. More like a quick one time build. I've always used simple builds like this to test out ideas for my larger Mocs.

That's about what I've thought, I was just wondering about the technical aspects of what defines a Tablescrap that seemed to be a part of @SwagMeister's post.

However, I didn't say this earlier, but I rather like this moc, for a quick 'lil build...