Krika revamp by TheDude

I wanted it to still be easy like original Krika

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Other than the body shape, this doesn’t really look like Krika


I would rebrand this as simply a MOC, as the features that make krika unique aren’t really depicted in this revamp


Just for the record, it’s supposed to be a revamp of this guy, right?

Wanted to make sure in case there was some sort of accidental name mix-up.


Sorry, but the color and pieces used failed to represent Krika.

I wouldn’t call this a revamp, but an inspiration since it’s something coming out of magma rather than a swamp.


I definitely see something that resembles Krika a lot, but the colors, of course, make it look more like a fire creature. Not a bad build, though. This might pass as a LEGO set.

it’s a really bad representation it needs more white and less gold ,like… zero gold
it is supposed to be taller as well

Plus take out the trams orange

Tim’s back at it again with the brutal truth!!!