K'Thungo - Intergalactic Peacekeeper and Vigilante

K’Thungo considers it his personal mission to travel the galaxy aboard his starship and right the wrongs he encounters along his journey. He is like a hybrid between Batman patrolling the rooftops of Gotham and a Jedi brokering a peace treaty between two planets in the Outer Rim.

He is centuries old, and has endured countless duels, battles, ambushes, and assaults. His body can regenerate from virtually any wound . . .except a plasma fission explosion at close range! Which is exactly what happened when his ship was blown from the sky by a pirate’s fleet near Alpha Centauri.

Fortunately for K’Thungo he can survive in the vacuum of space. But his right arm and leg were vaporized by the explosion. He was rescued by some friendly merchants and fitted with cutting-edge prosthetics.

Now he scours the galaxy on a warpath, looking for the dastardly pirate who ambushed his ship and cost him his limbs.

Prisma shot


Tan, lime, and gunmetal is an interesting color scheme choice but it actually works really well. Good job!


I like that head, I like it a lot

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Thanks. It’s a Hero Factory mask. Breez is the character’s name, I think. But adding the green antennae, along with the tan shells and torn cape give it a sort of Star Wars look, which is what I was going for.

What are those two guns on the chest?

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He has a very effective color scheme and a eye catching visual design.

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Minifig blaster

@Stoax Thanks man! It’s a color scheme you don’t see too often. I’m really into unique color mixes these days.

The color scheme, while unusual, works way better than I could have expected.
The whole thing is just great!

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The blaster on the chests looks a lot like a mass effect assault rifle.

The part you linked does not have the twin pronged design and looks closer to a covenant weapon from Halo (although it appeared in GotG sets).

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Yeah you’re right. I can’t find these guns on BL. I picked them up at the Lego convention when it came to my city. It had bins and bins full of mini fig parts and accessories. Never occurred to me that some of them might have been custom casts. Didn’t expect that at an official Lego event.

Very nice. I like the torso construction.

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Probably custom.

not a bad thing though because they look cool.

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This is probably my favorite moc that you’ve made no joke. Simple, clean, with a fresh n subtly menacing look, like a set lego could’ve released

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Thanks @Rockho. I appreciate the kind words.

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Here’s an idea um what if you put a green sphere in hi right shoulder when the blade is activated.