Kupu: Toa of Earth (AKA Slime's Legit Self-MOC)

I felt this deserved it’s own topic. plus I’ve been told that MOC topics are dumb…

So as many of you know, I already have a self-MOC based off my online persona. But lately, I’ve been wanting to make a character who could fit into Bionicle canon. A while back, there was a RP topic called Every New Beginning run by Nyran (it’s defunct for now, so don’t bother trying to revive it). In that RP I created a character called Kupu, an Onu-Matoran archivist. This MOC is based off that character.

In this iteration, Kupu is a Toa of Earth. So why the white armor? because I couldn’t find another good Inika armor Because of his mask power! Kupu wields the Mask of Ice! (or Freezing, I can’t decide which) Now before you say “That’s OP AND non-canon!” may I remind you that Hewkii had a Mask of Gravity, and BioSector confirms that other Masks of Elements can be crafted. This mask does NOT allow him to control Ice like a Toa of Ice would; rather, it allows him to freeze certain non-organic objects, such as stone, metal, or protodermis. It requires a considerable amount of concentration to use both his mask power and his elemental power, so he only does that in a pinch. He also has a custom headlight built into his mask, so he can travel dark tunnels with ease.

Build-wise, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something wrong with chest. Maybe it’s the way the armor is placed or something…


The chest looks kind of fat near the middle, but other than that it looks great.


That weapon! What is this, Shovel Knight?
Wait…Would that be so bad? Hm…

Seriously, though, I like the look of this guy, he’s pretty futuristic, and I do like the weapon.


WHAT. Moc Topics help keep the boards organized! The only thing that’s bad about them is that nobody bothers to check updates…oh wait…


Very nice, clean and compact
Has a giant shovel for a weapon
Well dispersed colour scheme
Custom builds are always awesome

Could be bulkier for a Toa of Earth…
Not a fan of the cyclops face
Too sleek for me. Could give him more texture (spikes, ridges, silver armor, etc)
Lower legs are technic blocks

Verdict: 8.7/10


Good times.

Nevermind, was too lazy and also overwhelmed. It was prolly gonna flop anyway.

But yeh, your MOC’s pretty legit.

While I’m meh on the whole “Skrall armor face” thing, It still works out, and the whole silhouette looks pretty solid.


I feel like this song goes with it.

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I got a similar shovel for my Titan self moc

so confession time

######i’ve never played shovel knight…


What about Onua Mata…

Anyways, I like that shovel weapon for the Toa of Earth. It really fits his element! A good Toa Tool always fits the element, at least that’s what I believe.


Well, I haven’t either :frowning:


Well sitting in canister decaying for years can make you pretty skinny…

Anyways Nice MOC. But if you have two or more of the Break out Hero cores I thing they would probably look cool filling in the gap between the thigh’s Bone and armor.

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I do have a few of those. IDK if it would work though, I’ll try it when I get back from school.


has a shovel 10/10



I like the design of his head, and the “shovel” works as a weapon for a Toa of Earth. I would disapprove of the “Mask of Ice,” were it not for the fact that a canon Mask of Gravity and Light exist, while those are elements in and of themselves, and that a Mask of Gravity was worn by a Toa of Stone.

All in all, I like it.


Very nice MOC! Though forgive me - that color scheme reminds me of @Ekorak for some reason. Anyway, I’m loving that shovel, (Confession: I haven’t played Shovel Knight either) and aside from the awkwardly-placed CCBS plates on his upper chest, that torso is looking great!



It’s neither OP nor non-canon.

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ignores the part where i went on to explain how it was neither OP nor non-canon…

unless that was an odd joke that i did not get

Yeah, I see that too. Proceeds to look back and forth between Kupu and Ekorak MOC


Trans-neon green and trans-red are the only major differences in color. It’s strange.

The MoC is cool; the fact that it has the colorscheme of another’s MoC is strange.

You know what, before I say anything else stupid, I’ll shut up.


I was about to complain about another darn person using the black miru.

Then I realized it’s not a miru, it’s Skrall armor.

I am not a smart man/child/creature/robot/thing.


I never intended it to be the same color scheme as Ek’s self-moc. In fact, I wouldn’t have used white at all were it not for my lack of parts…

i find it more sad that you thought i had a black miru :sleepy: