Kurai-Keru the Twilight Beast

Kurai-Keru is an ancient creature, the physical embodiment of a perfect balance between light and shadow. Kurai-Keru has remained dormant for centuries, waiting until a time when another embodiment of twilight was brought into the world.

The moc itself is farely basic I'll admit, but this is my first attempt at a more Rahi type moc, so I think it came out pretty well.

Kurai-Keru beside his Toa counterpart, Toa Mirishiki.

The Twilight Beast rearing up on his hind legs, giving a bit of a size comparison.

Mirishiki mounted on her new ally.


Really nice work.

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@Gwideon Thank you.

sorta looks adorable with the mantax head

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Looks really cool with the Mirishiki riding it!

It looks kind of gappy in the sides of the torso, and the grey Rahkshi legs in the back look out of place with everything else.

But it looks alright!

The MOC is pretty cool!

Odd. I'm not quite sure what to think.

First off, I recommend turning your flash off and using more lights to get better-looking pictures.

The MOC itself is pretty good. Love the Mantax head! The different greys/silvers kinda clash. I recommend scaling the amount of colours back. Some of the part aesthetics clash a fair bit though. The purple feels a little bit outta place too.

The flash wasn't on to begin with, and I'm using as many lights as I have on hand.

@PakariNation99 The back legs were a compromise given the pieces I have, they'll be changed over time.

@darkbrick999 if conceptually is what you mean, it's sort of a mythological bull/wolf.


I like everything but the custom head on the rider otherwise good moc

No, I kind of got the concept right off, but the execution is.... weird.

Oh, alight, sorry. I guess I was just looking at one slightly blurry picture. Do you have a tripod?

No, I have to use my tablet, that's why the quality isn't the greatest.

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Oh, alright. Try propping it up to stabilize it for pictures.

Good work on this.