Kurt & the BloodBat

After building one before, I realised I like lego vehicles. There’s no annoying limits where limbs need to have ball joints or sockets or other variants in order to allow posing. It’s just one inanimate, unposeable chunk that I’m free to shape as I want.

This time I wanted to use the more organic tail pieces. I like the shapes one can make with these.

Personally, I like the result, aside from the driver. I didn’t put in a lot of effort for the driver. The to-me-seemingly big cockpit doesn’t easily allow for a protector-sized driver. I simply focused on making it not too big, yet still use skeletal bone pieces to go along with the creepy setting.

Also, no function. Tough luck.

Pictures below.



On another note that’s a heck of a lot of tentacle like parts, they make a very interesting and unusual flow to the vehicle that makes it stand out quite nicely.


The tren krom-mobile.


@brickobotface Actually, only now do I realise it looks like a podracer.

@Payinku That’s because of how the tendrils make it look organic, right? I’m not very familiar with Bionicle lore.

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What set is the pilot’s helmet from? Also, this is by far the coolest vehicle moc I have seen.

Core Hunter

Also, thanks!

Ooooo. Nice shaping and colors

the shaping here is nice, and honestly reminds me of Big Duo’s flight form.

You made a podracer. An eldritch, organic podracer. :clap:


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! The shaping and overall look of this is awesome. Just wow. Cool.

Very nice shaping, and the pilot fits very well with it, great work

You must have bought a lot of the Aqua Raider lobster sets back in the day.

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Tren krom is essentially a red tentacle monster covered in eyes, the aesthetic resemblance is uncanny.

@Hautaka, @Sammythekat, @TheMightyObsidianDude, Thanks!

@1000Purse30, Thanks, I wanted both of them to look creepy. I’m glad to hear it worked.

@Leoxander, Not really. Some stores on bricklink actually have quite the supply of these. In total I bought 109 red tails for this thing. Only needed to buy from two stores to get that number.

The thing that I like the most about this is the consistency as far as textures are concerned. Solid work, man.


I love it. The vehicle is great and like nothing I’ve seen before.

The partspam is real

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the vehicle looks insane, holy crap

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Oh my, thats amazing.

Looks clean, smooth and obviously sick. I have no idea how you got so many red teeth/spikes but it’s amazing.