KURUME Autonomous Vehicles

some mech thingies

The Sokudu model;

The interior:

and this is the Bokusu model;

This one is too small for a minifig thought,so it just has a small compartment to store stuff

(also sorry for the horrible lightning)


My gosh these are so cute. I love the creative simplicity of them, and having a cockpit/storage compartment on them is so so good.
I love them so.

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Oh boy,

We got electro bots.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be too fond of such a blocky structure, but it really works here. Great job!

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Leaked Wave 2 Brick Headz

I like the Bokusu model better since the limbs are more “compacted”-

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The first one is cool, but the second one has better eyes. I bet you could fit a minifig in the second too.


These are both so cute tho! I can see them feature in filmsinspired by akira.

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ohh I like this one.

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