Kurumti Jungle Flyer

I made a thing.

Close ups of the driver, Riki-

Personally, I kinda like Riki more than the Kurumti. My only gripes are that some connections are a bit wobbly, and it doesn't have enough green. Otherwise, I think it's pretty good. BTW, Riki's a girl, because G2 doesn't have stupid gender rules. The guns were kind of a lazy addition, but I wanted some kind of function other than the derpy wings. So yah, enyoy! :smile:


It looks like an unlockable Mario Kart Vehicle

Noice. Now smash it.


looks sick bruh, wish I could have a ride like that. :sunglasses:

This is amazing!

A cool vehicle with a cool villager pilot. Nice work!

Nice MOC.

The vehicle looks more like a tank than a flyer, but this is a pretty great creation. The villager pilot is a nice touch.

Pretty interesting and imaginative creation, I like it!

And a thing it certainly is.

Overused BioTube phrase is once again used!

I like the vehicle, great use of the Rahakshi parts, and also good villager. He's not visually impressive, but he's cohesive and works as a simple little pilot! Very nice!

This looks better than most official Bionicle Vehicles.

Riki is the heropon. Praise the heropon Riki.

Didn't realize that Riki was already a character's name. But then again Tuyet is a real-world name so herp-a-derp. Also,

I tried so hard
and got so far
But in the end, it didn't even maaaaturrrrr