Kylo Ren revamp

I personally enjoyed the set itself, but I wanted to do this anyway… It’s not the best MOC but I’d say it resembles the character well.

I know I’ll get some “thin waist” comments but in my eyes the waist is in proportion to the other parts.
Tell me what you think…


It’s not necessarily the thin waist that’s the problem. The whole build looks rather skinny and doesn’t give me the impression of Kylo Ren. TBH he would probably look a lot more like Ren if you gave him back his prefab chestplate.

To clarify, it’s not the worst MOC, and if you gave him a new mask and weapon I’d probably like him as much as the rest of your MOCs. If’s just that your usual style doesn’t suit Kylo that well.


The head is to big, but the rest is good.

I don’t think the thin look suits Kylo Ren but everything else looks good and I like all the poses you’re able to put him in.

Basically what @Hawkflight said.

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This is way more movie acurate than the actual set. Amazing job!!!

You’re right that the thin waist is pretty much in proportion with everything else, but the head is just too big. I think a custom head would suit the build better. The build looks very posable though, that is a plus.

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It’s not specifically the waist, but compared to the head Kylo’s build looks incredibly skinny. The feet could also be changed too.

Nice, the hands remind me of Axonns. Waist is a bit little, I agree with Dr_Chronos about that.
But pretty well armoured and movie accurate

I feel like the torso is this moc’s biggest downfall. The arms and legs do a fantastic job of replicating the look and feel of his outfit in the movie, as does the head. The torso looks too slender and oddly textured in comparison. Also, the custom cape is way better than what LEGO gave us.

I’m going to be honest; he looks like a Chibi Kylo ren you would expect from a parody cartoon or something. Accurate, but his head is way too big for the body. The torso looks almost female in size compared to the head.
All in all I love the design but for the proportions to work you’d need to make your own head to scale.

If the head was smaller this would almost be perfect.
He’s a bit too thin IMO.

I like the use of tires on the arms It makes it very reminiscent of how he has the cloth layered on his skin in the actual film.


I like it but the torso feels to Bionicle for a human character, but other than that and the things others have said about the head being too big, I quite like it

This is a fantastic, stylized take on Kylo. Nice Job! :smile:

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This looks like what a teenage Kylo Ren would look like :stuck_out_tongue:

An emo teenage Kylo Ren?

Well considering he lets his emotions control his behavior anyway adding the emo part changes nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Height of joke > Ketros’ height

Well… I WAS sort of joking myself. But okay.