Kyoryu's MoC Topic

So, I’ve decided to make a topic on my Kronkiwongis. A few things to point out:

  • All my old individual Kronkiwongi topics will stay up.
  • This is so that those who wish to may view the older versions, along with any discussion that took place in those topics.
  • All future Kronkiwongis of mine will be posted in this topic.
  • All updates to my current Kronkiwongis will also be posted in this topic.

Now with that out of the way, today I have the first Kronkiwongi to be posted in this topic:

Omega Tahu

You see, the new Bionicle sets are rumored to have appeared on Target shelves. Last week I went to my local Target and found nothing, so I made this to compensate.

(Yes, he does have a gear function. On both arms. And he is capable of holding a pose despite that.)

There’s Omega Tahu from a few angles. Made sure to buff him up and cover him up as much as possible.

Again, he does have a gear function that moves both his arms and still allows for posability.

And there’s the custom head design.

Now onto Tahu’s sweg, for lack of a better term.

First up are his… daggers? Hidden blades? Anyways, the story behind these is that they’re trophies from a past victory against Furno. They’re the only bits that survived Tahu’s flame… aside from the Mata hands, Glatorian hands, and Glatorian head of course. Also a chunk of Furno’s head, possibly.

Tahu with his Furno blades… yeah, I’ll go with that name.

Both of the Furno blades just store on his back.

Tahu also includes 4 flame pieces. Technically he has an unlimited amount, but I only really need 4… or 8 if I want him to shoot fire from both of his hands.

As you can see, each of the fire pieces attach to his fingertips, allowing him to burn Furno and Skull Spider alike.

A flame piece can also attached to both of his palms, along with his feet, giving him the ability to fly in the event that his board’s out of commission or out of reach.

Next up is Tahu’s Omega Sword, forged by King Vultraz himself in the fires of Mount @ToaofUltimateDoom.

And here is Omega Tahu, wielding the Omega Sword.

It also stores on his back, but unfortunately, using the gear function is a more difficult task when the sword is stored because it attaches directly to the gear.

Finally we have Omega Tahu’s trusty ride, the Omega Board, equipped with Hype-class 1337 engines and powered by a trans-blue Omega Core, which basically functions as an industrial heartlight. And I’ll say it before everyone else does: yes, I do realize how… unfortunately inappropriate the Omega Board looks from certain angles.

A view from the back, with the Hype-class 1337 engines revved, or should I say hyped up.

Omega Tahu’s feet can attach to the three blue pins protruding from the Omega Board’s surface.

And there he is, riding the Omega Board. To give himself an extra boost, he’s shooting flames from his left arm.

Using the two gaps on the backs of his legs, Omega Tahu can also sit down on his Omega Board and contemplate why LEGO didn’t do a Christmas release for the new sets.

And that’s everything for now folks, I will put up some other MOCs here in the future, so stay tuned, but for now, what are your thoughts on my new Omega Tahu Kronkiwongi?


Nice Tahu you’ve got there. I like how you used TECHNIC elements in his build.


Thanks, m8.

That gear function though, amirite?

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He looks a bit sloppy in areas, specifically with color placement, but I like him. The references are nice too XD


I like it. looks more like omega tahu nuva to me though, and the colors are, a little scattered.

for future reference, get a white backdrop and some better lighting, it will make it easier to see the mocs. and you don’t need a huge set up, I use my couch a container lid for a flat surface, and a shower curtain(first sheet I grabbed, just went with it from then on) for the backdrop, and while a little wrinkly, it allows a much better view of the moc.

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Yeah, a Hau Nuva’s the only mask I had for the job.

As for the lighting, I’ll see what I can do.

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actually it was the mask the silver the furno blades the board, it overall just looked more like tahu nuva to me.

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I have a mountain? SWEET!


Hey look you finally made a moc topic


uh, whatchamacallit
Oh yeah

this looks suprisingly nice
And a tad bit messy, not that much, but still
Its very well made
but unfortunatly

5/10 too much omega

Actually I dont like how he has random black thumbs, and the gunmetal grey is a bit wierd
also dont like the choice of the hau nuva, but thats just a minor nitpick
pretty gr8 -ngi


Pretty cool m8, although, you might wanna make an imgur album instead of posting all 30-something pictures in one post =D

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Nice! the gear function is a cool.

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I applaud you for, once again, making me laugh extremely hard.

The color placement looks a bit messy in some areas, but other than that, this is a fantastic MOC. Great job! :smiley:



So, I somehow stumbled upon this old relic of a topic just now, and…

There may or may not be more MOCs uploaded here soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Post pics of that self-MoC with the 7+ red ball joints
it looked rad


Alright, everyone. The time has come! However, I won’t be showing everything off at once. Let’s start with the Toa Noscopes MOCs!

First, we have Taryukyo, or @KyoryuYellow1138. I finally made my self-MOC a Toa. His Matoran form is still built, just headless at the moment.

So the trans-orange Bohrok eyes on the backs of the legs shall be replaced with trans-green when I get another Pohatu. Also, the red piece sticking our towards the back of his neck is for storing weapons. Any of them fit, but it’s designed particularly for the lightsaber thing. Credit for the upper leg design goes to @Ventum, aside from the Barraki spike and Exo Force claw on the back.

Scythe of Canon


Lightsaber Thing

Random Rorzakh Blade

The lightsaber and Gaburevolver stored on his back.

So here’s @fortheloveofcats. :confused:

I know the printed CCBS shells on her upper arms are a tad bit wierd, but it’s supposed to match with a certain other MOC I have yet to showcase. The lower legs and torso are quite bulky, but I guess they’ll do. And the Akaku is for noscoping purposes. You have no idea how rare trans-pink pieces are…

MLG Cat Sniper Rifle

Attack on Titan Swords

The Attack on Titan swords stored on her legs.

Custom Head

Next up is @squeaverking, Master of being a fat ballerina that runs around and slits throats. :3

Just gonna call it right now, @Nyran’s just gonna love that Gaim-esc horn thing. The Inika torso is a tad bit plain, but it does its job. The Corroder shoulder pads are probably my favorite part of the whole thing. I dunno, maybe it’s just an aesthetic thing.

Thundering Steam Katana

Acorn Lances

Magical Floating Blue Kakama of Justice (@JMP)

The Acorn Lances stored on his back, and the Thundering Steam Katana stored on his leg.

Custom Head

Here’s @The_Songbird (Swagbird), Toa of Swag.

Again, credit for the upper leg design goes to Ventum. Actually, this MOC is quite similar to Kyoryu, at least with the arms, legs, and use of a Metru head. However, the feet, torso, wings, mask, and CCBS feather pieces, along with the weapons, are enough to set them apart.

Shredder Claws

Pridakrika Blade

The Pridakrika Blade stored on his back.

Next up is Pakuru- I mean Dekura- I mean JMP- I mean Shadades- I mean @Shadezy.

The hulking brute of the team, Toa Shadezy towers above his teammates (and all my other MOCs, for that matter. Seriously, this guy’s huge.), so much so that his legs alone are taller than Vuhii’s sister and Beef. Yes, the blue technic beam on the back of his upper leg sticks out quite a bit, but the only other colors I have that piece in are orange and white, so…


Shot Blade

Wrist-Mounted SMGs

The Shot Blade stored on his back, and the Political_Hammer stored on his legs.

Custom Head

@anon68675807, Lord of the Weed, has joined the game.

Yee. He has the LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest beetle shield piece to hold on to that Dingo pelt. Speaking of which, he stole that Dingo pelt from Nyran.

Double-Barreled Tropical Mango Fanta Digideridoo Cannon

Boomerang Blades

Boomerang Scorpion Pincers

The Double-Barreled Tropical Mango Fanta Digideridoo Cannon and Boomerang Blades/Scorpion Pincers stored on his back.

Custom Head

And lastly, we have @Takua. loud Takua noises are heard

Not sure if everyone remembers, but Takua and Shadezy are upgraded versions of the same MOCs I went over months ago. While Shadezy has significantly changed, Takua… hasn’t. There are a couple differences, but overall, he has pretty much been preserved since the last time I showcased him.

Chronicler Torch of Inner Rage

Kanoka Vahi

The Kanoka Vahi stored on his back.

So here are all the Toa together. Aside from Takua, they all have a few consistent design choices. To sum it all up:

1: Metru legs on Kyoryu, Squeaver, and Swagbird.

2: Vahki legs on Vuhii’s sister and Beef.

3: Kyoryu and Swagbird have similar leg and arm designs, but while Kyoryu uses the 2015 armor, Swagbird uses the fur/feather pieces introduced in Brain Attack. Also, Kyoryu has Bohrok eyes on his upper arms, but Swagbird does not.

4: Vuhii’s sister, Squeaver, and Beef all have similar upper leg designs.

5: Kyoryu, Vuhii’s sister, Squeaver, and Shadezy all use tubes on their torsos. Similarly, Beef has System chains all over himself. Swagbird is the only exception because he’s supposed to look more organic than the others, since he’s based off a bird.

6: They all use 2001 masks.

7: Kyoryu and Swagbird use Metru heads.

8: Vuhii’s sister, Squeaver, Shadezy, and Beef all use custom heads.

9: They all have some form of melee weapon.

10: Kyoryu, Vuhii’s sister, Shadezy, and Beef have a ranged weapon.

11: They all use CCBS on their lower arms.

12: Kyoryu, Vuhii’s sister, Squeaver, Swagbird, and Beef all have Mata hands as hands. Shadezy is the only exception, using CCBS hands due to his enormous size.

13: Kyoryu and Beef have completely custom torsos.

14: Vuhii’s sister and Shadezy have modified CCBS torsos.

15: Squeaver has an Inika torso, and Swagbird has a Metru torso.

So those are all the Toa Noscopes. Next time, I’ll be going over the Brotectors, so stay tuned.


not commenting on other’s MOCs being… not as some(cough cough squeaver cough cough) these still look good. Odd choice of MOCing Vuhii’s sister, her leaving, and that skrub. Nice Takua and Shadezy

Self moc is skrub-teir

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I made her solely because she is a character in the Toa Noscopes fanfic.


When did you take these pictures of me? I look sexier than usual :sunglasses:

These are great! I really like Taryukyo and myself the most :smiley:

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I took them all like 2-3 hours ago. :3


The toa noscopes are AWESOME!

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