Kytorin (explosive expert)

Kytorin is a nut-ball explosives genius. In hand he caries a plasma ball grenade launcher (with infinite ammunition and no reload), a wrist mounted dagger, And sticky land mine+detonator. He has blown off multiple of his limbs, but refuses to seek medical attention and instead replaces them with his own crappy limb replacements. (this one’s a little simple, but it’s good to go back to basic once in a while, huh?)(yes it’s inspired by junk-rat from overwatch)


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Not bad. The mask doesn’t really fit in with the colors, but I like the aesthetic you’ve got going.

Lime Junkyard.

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Nice use of the death trooper pauldron and small tank tread across the torso. Generally I like the colors used here and the peg leg looks quite nice.

@TeslaEffect What LOL?

@Rocka99 Thanks might

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More like Overwatch.

not even gonna try and be subtle with the inspiration, eh?

not really sure what to say about this guy. he looks pretty okay, i guess.

@TeslaEffect I don’t do subtle

@Arsenic yes, yes it is by the way

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