Kytros self moc

Here is my self moc


Quite the basic Inika build, nothing particularly special.


This, although I'll add that if you fancied it up a little and cleaned the colors up just a tiny bit while still keeping the overall theme, this would be pretty sweet.


Hm. His legs are pretty wimpy and his shoulders are a bit of a mess. Maybe clean him up a bit than add some armor?

I agree with this, using the inika build isn't a bad thing. I like the idea you have here, with the wings, mask, sword and whatnot. I think this has potential to be a really cool moc. Also, I like the name. :smile:

well, I like that you used a canon launcher.

even if you did break canon with the kanohi.

his legs are in the process of upgrade and I need to fix the shoulders but I will be on hiatus until Monday

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Yeah,i agree with Ranaki

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More pictures would be nice.

Can I just say, that Kongu inika's mask (I can't for the life of me remember what It's called) looks like the olisi?

Yeah I'll be honest, it's a pretty basic MOC.

But don't worry, you'll improve with time.