Lack of detail in CCBS parts

It’s more Hero Factory like (which I personally do not like.) It’s just not like Bionicle with all of the smooth parts.
Also the archetypes Masters/Villagers/Protectors are just simplified version of their first forms.(except the protectors are different.)


Well CCBS wasn’t meant to only be hero-factory, it was meant to be a general use system for ultrabuilds and anything constraction-related

Right, and that’s why gen 2 is less unquie then gen 1.

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That’s the point. CCBS is a unified system, and is able to fit in when integrated into other themes and even regular System. In fact, it fits in more with System bricks better than the older system did. Just imagine the upper arms on the Hulkbuster set: it uses CCBS. If the upper arms were replaced with, say, the thighs from the Toa Metru, it would just look out of place.

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No doubt it’s easier, I’m just saying it’s not as unquie I still love ccbs though.