Lacrosse-style Koli in Tiro (Year 2) [Worldbuilding] [Characters] [Pitch]

I mean use Akilini as the name of the stick version of Kolhii.

The name is already established in Bionicle canon, and it works better than using it for a Kanae disc game. Since a disk game would be much simpler than the Tiroan Kolhii, I don’t see a need to have a unique name for it. Just Disc Toss or something like that would suffice (sort of like calling a game “Hammer Flush” instead of a Maori name). The Maori term “Akilini” can be saved for the more unique Tiroan Kolhii to differentiate it from Motaran Kolhii.


I can get behind that.

The name works pretty well! But what of Ignalu? Maybe that should be in a different topic…

EDIT: BTW, what rules should we use?

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Do you mean which pre-existing rules to use, or do you mean what the rules should be?

Both. What existing rules should we use from G1 Koli and what rules to create.

This is going to be complicated isn’t it.


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Here’s the rules from G1’s Kolhii (which will now be renamed Akilini for future discussion):

  1. Teams number more than one but no more than six.
  2. Teams may include any number of players greater than one, but no team will have more players than any other team.
  3. All teams agree to the number of goals needed for victory.
  4. The first team to reach the number of goals agreed is the winner.
  5. All goals are good goals provided they are not own goals, as own goals are not goals.
  6. Each team is allowed one defender who may carry a shield, but no other player may use that shield (other than in cases of 11th rule).
  7. All players may carry one Kolhii staff, and one only.
  8. Any number of Kolhii balls may be played, but balls in play must number less than either the number of teams, or the number of players per team, whichever is the smaller number.
  9. Any player who strikes another player did not play well. Shield and staff strikes are excluded from this rule as those indicate the players are playing well.
  10. Any player who does not play well brings dishonor to their village.
  11. Any pitch invasion by Rahi, or other beasts, postpones the completion of the game until the problem is dealt with.

Here’s the rules I propose for G3’s Akilini:

  1. Matches will be played with two teams.
  2. Both teams must have an equal number of members; there is no limit, within reason.
  3. Both teams must agree, prior to the start of the match, how many goals are required for a victory. The team who reaches this number wins.
  4. Goals scored against one’s own team count as a point for the other team.
  5. The defender of the goal is allowed a shield to block with; the shield must be carried by the defender at all times.
  6. All players are required to use exactly one Akilini staff.
  7. One Akilini ball (actual ball, fruit, rock, etc.) must be in play at all times. If it is lost, the match is cancelled.
  8. Players are not allowed to strike one another at any time; player are, however, allowed to strike each others Akilini staffs with their own to knock the Akilini ball to the ground.
  9. The player in possession is not allowed to run with the Akilini ball, and may only run after passing to another player. All other players may move at any speed.

Feel free to give feedback.

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I’d say the team size should be limited to 4 or 5 per team. One goalie and 3-4 others seems like a fair size, as it would get too complex with more. Basically, just enough members to fill each role (forward, midfield, defender, goalie, etc.). As for the specific roles, they could be tweaked to fit the game.


These rules are pretty much all good, I have some questions (The question number matches the rule in question.)

3- I think that I could see this rule being abused, so should there be a limit?

5- Does this mean that the other players can’t touch it, or that the defender can’t drop the shield?

9- Just to clarify, is this only when the ball is in the basket end of the Akilini stick?

And here’s a rule that could work.

Before the game begins, players decide how many goals must be scored, but the limit is 3 more than the player count.

Thats all I’ve got right now!


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3- I don’t really see how it could be abused. Both teams have to agree on the number of goals scored. That being said, your idea for the number of goals to win being player count +3 could be a good counter-balance.
5- The defender cannot drop the shield. If he does, it counts as a penalty.
9- Yeah. If the player is carrying the ball (in the Akilini staff), they aren’t allowed to run until they’ve passed it to someone else.

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I don’t think dropping the shield should be a penalty. The shield is meant to aid the player in blocking, as well as being a bit of defense since the ball is speeding towards them. Not having the shield just makes it harder to defend your goal, which would be punishment enough. Also, the G1 rule says they may have one, but it’s not required. So dropping it after taking a dive shouldn’t be a problem.

Now, setting it aside to stop the opponent with just the stick (as if they were a forward) could be a penalty.

Though at the same time, I could see a new style of playing where the players can swap roles during the match. The goalie can hand the shield off to a teammate and they swap positions. This new style would require keeping an eye on all opponents, and would negate the shield penalty I mentioned.

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The reason for the penalty is so that the goalie is forced to play in the most effective way possible, always keeping their guard up.

That being said, there could also be a penalty for players who try to pry the shield from the goalie’s hand.

I could see the shield swap working, as long as the shield doesn’t touch the ground and remains within the goalie’s zone.

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Sorry if I go slightly off-topic, but I’m more interested in the learning curve and sportsmanship Akilini might have compared with Motara’s Kolhii.

You see, in the TTV Podcasts I’ve heard, the team established that Motara is a society built around market, theft and overwhelming work. With that in mind, along with the unforgiving climate around the city, the community built around Kolhii should reflect the issues Motara has.

  1. The learning curve for learning and mastering Kolhii is hard.

  2. The only way to ease said learning is through lucrative means (personal trainers, school programs, etc); don’t expect to learn it for free, because it’s anybody’s game.

  3. The gear, centers, stadiums, sponsorships, team tryouts and team foundations should also have a price; those who have the audacity to rise up on their own are considered unviable and tryhards, seen as black sheep within the community.

  4. This is where thefts should be present, as well as sabotage, in order to bury the competition, specially to bury those teams who are recently becoming competitive (one of my favorite scenarios is an outlaw team taking over an entire stadium of another team, engaging a war to determine who will have the ownership).

  5. Kolhii championships are the most heartbreaking events in Motara, the prize and stakes are so high, that the fear of failure is a constant issue depending on the mentality of each competitor.

  6. Paranoia, lack of organization, betrayal of the senses, injuries and even fainting might be a few of their biggest fears, but none are so meaningful as the fear of losing a match at the championship.

Now, understanding that the society of Tiro is more peaceful, comradely and spiritual, Akilini should have none of the features of Kolhii.

  • The learning curve to learn Akilini might be hard, but the means to learn it are gratuitous.

  • The only gear needed is the default shovel and shield, which should also be for free. This way, there is no point to steal them.

  • A match could be anywhere around Tiro (except maybe silent or sacred grounds), there are even times when they practice on a different city if authorized by their leaders, being Kanae the 2nd most recurrent place to play.

  • Formation of teams are free, effortless and sometimes even improvised.

  • There are no sponsorships nor championships for Akilini and, as a result, there in no fear of failure nor aggressive competition.

Feedback is always welcome!


This sounds like a pretty good background for the sport, and that’s what I had in mind when I put forward my rules pitch. The rules should be centered around the principles of Tiroan culture.

5- The reason for the goalie always having to carry the shield is to train the individual in caution, mindfulness, and awareness.
8- The rule against striking the opponent but allowing strikes against equipment with equipment teaches players to only do what is necessary and never escalate conflict beyond reason.
9- The rule for the player in possession is to train their patience and use their environment to help them, allowing them to carefully plan what to do without rushing.

My one issue is for the equipment being free. There has to be a price for the equipment, but I think it should be fairly cheap to buy. Besides, since the equipment was originally used to harvest fruit from taller trees, new players could just use their own tools.


This is pretty cool! I actually can get behind @Bokarda 's Idea about the shield now.

The only problem is that the equipment is free, cuz everything has a cost. I don’t really know about currency on Artakha though, so it’s not really a big issue.

BTW, are we at a point where we can start to agree on what works, or not?


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I think now is probably a point where you can start editing the initial post to include what’s been discussed and agreed upon, so that people can clearly see what’s already been talked about and what needs improvement.

Also, I’m adding this topic to my brainstorming megathread here.

@Levva (editing for clarification): Regarding the 10th rule, the player in possession is allowed to walk (at least one foot touching the ground at all times), but they are not allowed to run.

Also, what if the term “Akilini” refers to the fruit commonly used for the earlier games?


Woah nice idea.


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A logical enough source for the name. It’s something that I would go with if it were my pitch/story.


There should be a topic on Artahkan sports.


I’ll make one now, to act as a sports hub for future sports-related posts!

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