Lady K Likes to Draw. A Lot

It's a very unhealthy and addicting thing not sure if would recommend. gets in the way of gaming and stuff. also starving artist thing

I don't do much biomechanical art BUT I HAVE PROOF I CAN. sorta.

I mostly do...well...human bionicle art. I'm sorry. I went there.

I also like to do comics.



Er... no links/advertisements until you're level three/get the Master badge...

These look stunning. I'm on the fence about the humanized bonkles though

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I don't see any. She's all good. Edit: Oooh, I see.

Your art is amazing. But I'm sure you knew I'd say that.


The second link takes me to an error page.

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I must had missed that in the rules. No prob bros, simply removed them. Thanks for the heads up.

Third edit. NVM Eljay removed them. Cool

Awesome Art. I thoroughly enjoy humanized Bionicles.

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These look fantastic!

Great to see you here, LadyK!

Excellent artwork, as per usual. As far as these pictures are concerned, I'm especially fond of Darkness, particularly his arm armor. Top-notch stuff.



I remember your art from DA. (your version of Ancient is pretty sweet)

Wonderful art. I particularly like the timing on the last one.

Also, did you write some Bionicle literature a ways back, or am I thinking of someone else.

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Official Admin ruling that linking to your dA page is A-OK. dA Group? Not so much. But seeing as it's just an archive for your art, I'm personally okay with it.

And of course, I'm doubly okay because I love this art. LK was one of the first artists I found in the fandom, so it's great to see that she's still working on stuff! The linework and colors are top notch.


whoa, your art is awesome :smile:

Amazing I would love to see more

Thanks so much for the comments guys!

Glad you think so--he's one of my favourite designs myself.

aaayyy Ancient is my bae

Yah I did a canon short story and then a epic that got pretty popular.

Cool. I'll keep plugging to a minimum. But my dA and tumblr are there as--yeah, archives.

Here's some more humuns I've done:



These are great! I am kinda good at drawing but I can really only do cartoons so I envy you! 😆 My favourite has to be Vakama metru as he looks like obi-wan in vakamas armour!😁 great job! I give these 🐢/🐍

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Vakama's beard deserves respect.


I now really want to see a Matoro because it would be such a Tribute to the most known Death in BIONICLE History

I'm not the biggest fan of Hooman Bonkle, but this looks really, really good.

opens topic

looks at artwork

Seriously, this art is really good!



Gah! They're so...

Weird looking, in my opinion. Well, no, that's not true, the art is actually really amazing, but I'm really not a fan of Human Bionicle at all, I really don't like it...


If you didn't say these were Bionicle characters, though, my reaction to this art would be:

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Obi-wan Kenobi/Ewen Macgregor confirmed for Toa Vakama!