Lady Xenthra - Makuta of Eclipse, by Sargos

Made a curvy, femenine Makuta, no idea where to put her in the original universe, so it is multiverse then. Guess she has the same personality as Teridax, but more motherly, she sees all matoran as her children… If that even makes sense. Also she hates element of stone… For whatever reason, guess she doesn’t like brown. Make suggestions for the backstory if you want.

Makuta Xenthra_3|375x500

Alternative Colours:



Would that be stone then?

Regardless she is very cool and I wish he had all the parts in the colors used but can get pretty close

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Looks pretty good! :wink:

Almost 20 years into bionicle and I keep confusing stone and earth… Anyway, I’m pretty sure the “Eclipse” version is perfectly buildable except for the black “Stars” armor on inner thighs.


Some of these poses are pretty cool. 'Tis a nice moc.

Man, it was a pain to shove those rakhshi heads in the “corset”, I really hope it’s possible in a physical build, doesn’t look like there is collision, but measurements between physical and digital models may vary to a point even builds possible irl are impossible in studio and vice-versa.

Not gonna lie, I never ever thought I’d see what at first glance amounts to a lady Icarax, but, well, I can’t unsee it now…

She looks pretty good overall. I’m surprised that the Antroz and Hahli Mahri wings work well together, but they do. You did pretty well on the curvy aspect, too–the corset looks good, although I’m not entirely sold on the large block of silver it contributes to the main color scheme. The other versions are well-colored. The booty could be skipped and kind of protrudes oddly, but I nevertheless commend the attempt.

Also… it looks like the base torso is a Hordika torso? That’s pretty impressive. And is there a flapping function, or are all those pieces around the shoulder blades just for securing the wings?

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in the construction department

That’s the thing, in studio the corset looks alright in silver, but after rendering it starts to contrast a bit too much, while the black one looks like it melds with the rakhshi foot too much, I wanted the chest highlighted. Actually, I didn’t want to have silvers originally, but had to since I needed to balance-out parts that only exist in silver, wanted original colour scheme to be buildable (for the most part) irl. Interesting fact about Antroz wings is that they exist in purple-black in some bootleg set, but it’s very bad quality of course.
Booty rotates on a pin, so it can be angled to stick out less, though it would eventually collide with lower back piece.
I actually prefer skirts to create a hip curve and hourglass shape for femenine characters, since it’s much less restrictive to the leg articulation and it works really well with titans and toa builds alike. This one I decided to go for a more striking curves.Like I said, figuring how to shove rakhshi heads in the corset was tedious and I really hope someone does this in physical moc to see if it looks as nice. One thing she could use are maybe tubes, they could help with additional curve, but they are hard to bend and connect in studio.
No function of course, You can’t be sure it works or not in digital, just simple wings similar to those of makuta phantoka.

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All pretty understandable. Like I said, it’s pretty good all put together.

I’d be willing to try, but I’d need instructions and I also don’t have the actual silver piece you used for the corset, which may or may not cripple my attempts.


Makuta thiccarax

please don’t associate me with this quote


I love the use of the shadow hand. The poses with the Matoran are…interesting.

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Lel, I wish I thought of that one!


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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THICCARAX :laughing:

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i told you
please don’t associate me with that quote /s

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