Laethlum, The Forgotten Champion (Self-MOC)

Name: Laethlum
Pronunciation: Leth - thal - lum
Occupation: Fail experiment, Freedom Fighter
Element: Iron (Formerly), Shadow
Ability: Control over Shadow, Immunity to Antidermis
MOC status: Built




THE BACK OF LEGS AND TORSO (one of my favourite parts)



While the Matoran Universe was still new, The Great Beings need a Catalyst to awaken the dormant powers of the matoran. Laethlum was one of the failures, his prototype toa stone attempted to use antidermis to trigger the transformation. The results were less then favourable, and Laethlum was put in statis.
Awaken now over a millennium later with no recollection of his past, Laethlum now stands by his new friends and teammates to free the universe from the tyranny of the Makuta.

- I consider this version of Laethlum the gate to my current building abilities
- When building this version of Laethlum, my goal was to make look as much like his first form as possible
- Inspirations for his appearance include the Grim Reaper and Maetheal


May I ask if you could consider less blury pics?

now this is an Inikia build, which is fine and all. chest seem slightly messy and so are the forearms, but otherwise I guess he looks alright.

i don't have a better camera at my disposal
and also it isn't a inikia build, if you don't believe me i'll put another picuture up of his inners

maybe if you can try taking less shaky pictures? Try finding a stable stand? IDK. Anyway sure if his insides are shoke I'd be fine. BTW Shoulder's are a mess too...

his inners


also i'm using my ipod, if a do get a better camera i'll repos
t the pics


I see


The shoulders are pretty messy. Maybe try to simplify them.

Yeah not bad, not bad at all, he has a nice look to him and the cape is pretty cool (where is that cape from? I actually have it in my collection but no idea where it came from). However, his character and story is a little bit on the bland side, as is his colour scheme. Now, by all means that doesn't make it bad, it just means he really takes after his name "The Forgotten Champion".

the cape is from KK, and i recently reconned my story, so it does need some filling out

@TakanuvaMasterofTime are you judging them with the sickle on, or without?

@RaggedClaws and as a second not, the lore will of my universe will be reveal more, i still have 13 MOCs to post

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Not sure what you mean by sickle on.
Also please try not to double post. If you need to reply to two people you can mention them. For example: @RaggedClaws the cape is from KK.
@TakanuvaMasterOfTime are you judging them with the sickle on?

ok, and the by sickle I mean the curved hand blades, which attach to his shoulders when not in use. you can judge the difference in the height comparison pic, where one shoulder has a sickle on it, and the other doesn't

Oh. But yes. And over all a little strange.

I consider Stange a complement.