Lamahu: Toa of fire

Here is my self moc... I had tried to make a toa that had sone insparation from the previous toas of the same element... I appreciate any criticism and help for how to make it better

If you want to know any techniques that I used just ask.

Thank you


nice design but the colors are everywhere white gold black gunmetal and light grey


Thank you I will work on that

i love the design of ccbs with traditional


  • Looks OK
  • The Color Scheme is Monsterously Out of Control. I would recommend sticking to two to three colors at most
  • The Weapory looks a bit too stylized compared to the Model
  • The forearms' color of yellow looks pretty bad
  • The mixture of the Gun Metal Gray Chestplate and the Golden click-on armor does not look good
  • The use of system on the torso looks pretty off
  • When it comes to armor, it is usually best to keep it symmetrical in my opinion
  • The back is too open
  • Black is focused a bit too much in the legs; Colors should be distributed evenly throughout the model
  • This is more of a nitpick, but with the thighs, you could have put the trans. orange armor on the side as it would prevent the back from looking bad
  • The head seems a bit too far back
  • The connector attached to head looks strange

I would give this MOC a 3/10.
The MOC has a lot of issues in my opinion. A broken color scheme, some pretty bad armor placement, and an overall strange appearance.

Needs Alot of Work wink

P.S. I am sorry if I came down too hard.

I thank you for your opinion. But the open pins hold the guns and the gold is to blend in with the mask. I was trying to make a resource war kind of story so the moc is taking what he can find.

Thank you

I really like this MOC, I really do, just figure out the colors and you will be set! start with getting rid of the yellow, and red. as well as the white. then spreat out the trans orange and gold..

and if you have a mask that you like more, then use that, the mask of fire is kinda over done.

Ok thank you, but I do not have any other color of the metru legs so I can't change the color until I get the parts but thank you

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Maybe use some different parts?

Ok great I will work on that and take some pictures of the result

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just because the MOC's cons are part of the story, it doesn't make them not cons.

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So many colors... If you were going for a Toa of Prisms then it totally works. Actually that sounds like a really cool title.

I believe that Toa of Light were able to change the color of their armor.

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I know, bit I just wanted to give an explanation on the open pins and the armor

@NoCashValue Actually that is a good idea, hope you don't mind if I steal that idea


ghead. but might i suggest to lean towards white in the place of black? it just seems more prism-y.

Ok good idea

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I think a toa of prism should be more white, trans-blue. trans-green, ccbs.
also, don't really like the build.

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Ok thank you for tyat information

The moc itself is alright. It uses some pretty cool techniques, but the coloscheme is pretty messy.

What I'm most curious about is what would "prism" powers entail?

Colours are really wonky but the design of the MOC is really cool

Overall, it's a great MOC blush