Lambini, Toa of Fire (self moc)

Decided to give the self moc thing a shot. I decided to go with simple and semi realistic rather than extravagant and over the top, because I’m a simple kind of man. This is Toa Lambini, aka Yung StabWound.

Lambini serves the Toa Empire under Tuyet. An excellent warrior solo or in a squadron, though his leadership is less than stellar. He controls the element of fire, but prefers not to use it in combat; nothing is as thrilling as connecting a hard blow to your opponent’s skull.

Though skilled with most weaponry, he prefers the mace and tower shield. His Kanohi Miru reduces what would normally be a cumbersome shield to virtually weightless, allowing him to attack swiftly and stay safely out of reach. Of course, he’s not opposed to using ridiculous JRPG swords.

I love metru builds because they all feel so canon. They are very simple, but I’ve seen a number of complex self Mocs lately, so maybe I’ll revisit this sometime. Oh I should mention one arm is longer because stubby metru arms cannot reach in front of a tower shield. Also we are both lefties.

Questions? Comments?
I’m uploading from my iPhone. Does anyone know how to get these pictures to not be upside down?


why is one arm so much longer than the other?

@Jakanader Read broh

I did, but I don’t understand why you didn’t make the other arm longer.

This is a pretty good metru build

@Jakanader if you’re holding a shield larger than a buckler, you partially brace it with your body. You don’t need a super long arm for that. Plus the shield wouldn’t go where I wanted it to with a longer arm

Can I ask why he has pins on his legs?

@Vexus_Prime Spikes to make roundhouse kicks more dangerous?

Why white pins poking out…?

Lambini? Looks more like a Bimblor to me.

@IAmAStrangeLoop You’ve won 100 internets. Congratulations