Land of the Fallen a Bionicle Barraki Sory

Hello Everyone! This is the beginning of story bible for a Bionicle Audiobook I’m working on. It tells the tale of an alternate universe in the Bionicle universe about the Barraki trying to escape the Pit. I am still fleshing out the Pit Raiders but other than that the character section is complete

Main Locations: The Pit: A Giant hole in the blackest sea filled with caves and tunnels that make up a semi fortress for the Barraki. It’s so dark that not even the strongest of light could pierce it Each Barraki has 1 quadrant of the pit all to themselves. With Mantax, Carapar, and Takadox having lower bases while Ehlek, Kalmah, and Pridak have their bases at a higher level. In the center of The Pit there is a large meeting area for the barraki to convene.The outside is composed of a giant kelp forest that is said to be a maze created by the insane made up of twists and turns that sometimes lead to the fall of some unlucky matoran. Even if they do make it in they probably won’t come out. The Pit’s original intent was a prison created by the great beings for only the cruelest of creatures. The Barraki who had previously conquered the entire known world had been banished to it. They were not mutated on arrival rather already being semi aquatic and staying in this form. The Pit was overthrown by the 6 in no time at all. They quickly remodeled it into the ideal base and have since been planning their escape by defeating the True Guardian of the Black Sea, Karzahni, and claiming the mask he guards, The Mask of Control.

Main Characters:

Pridak: “Leader” of the Barraki. Pridak is very prideful and posh, but at the same time Merciless, cruel, and cold. Pridak began his reign of terror when he killed his father, The King of the Ice Kingdom, He became a powerful dictator and controlled an army of the strongest warriors in his region. He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty though, only killing when it’s personal. He joined the league of 6 kingdoms (The Name of the Barraki alliance) reluctantly. He feared that he would become a target, however he doesn’t dare converse with his barraki brothers as he believes that they are below him, especially Takadox . Once sent to the pit he controlled an army of blood sharks. That he uses as his hunters and fighters in battles. Pridak asserted himself as the leader of the barraki when there was conflict involving who would lead. Pridak had blackmailed each one of his brothers into electing him as their leader by killing someone each of the barraki loved telling them that they would be next. Because of his cold and cruel attitude he is sometimes referred to as “the shark”

Kalmah: Kalmah started his career as the strongest war general in the Fire Village. His army eventually grew so strong that they overthrew the government creating a shogunate esc one. He was in love with a warrior princess from a neighboring tribe. They conquered her village together, and later got married. She was killed by Pridak during the election, but Pridak being “Merciful” He gave Kalmah her Kanohi which he keeps in his room as his last memory of her. He was said to be the strongest and most brutal of all fighters using his powers of invisibility and ink he confuses the enemy before showing up behind them and strangling them with his large tentacle. However, if needed he will engage in sword to tentacle combat. He was the second barraki to join the league believing that they could conquer more together than alone. He is the barraki’s main war general and plans out every attack 3 steps ahead of the enemies. He is also in possession of 3 giant squid that serve as his army. Because of his stealthy and mind based tactics he has begun to be known as “the squid” amongst his brothers

Ehlek: Ehlek is the certified madman of the Barraki. He speaks in riddles and often gets under the barraki’s skin, but don’t be fooled Ehlek is a master of poison and electricity. He, along with Kalmah engineered a new type of squid that had a different effect depending on the Barraki that used it. In his room he hangs the Kanohi of every single matoran and Toa he’s killed, which is many. He came into power by complete accident as one night he was drunk on protodermis and ended up blowing up the entire Air Village. He joined the League after Takadox ent him a transmission requesting his services. He creates his explosions by lightning one of his squid with a spark of lightning and setting them off. He is an excellent Marksman as well stating to have never missed a shot. His Spines act as a lightning rod, helping him draw electricity and storing it. Ehlek never loved anybody so he could not be blackmailed by Pridak, instead Pridak had Takadox hypnotize him into voting for Pridak. Because of his insanity and love for poison and Electricity he is sometimes referred to as “the eel” amongst his brothers.

Carapar: Carapar is the strongest of the Barraki brute strength wise. Being able to smash walls just by running into them. He is covered in an impenetrable exoskeleton and armed with Giant Claw that could crush even the strongest Rahi. Before becoming a Barraki He was a mercenary who worked to support his daughter and wife. He soon conquered the stone village’s criminal underworld. Carapar and his strongest warriors then carried out an attack on the stone village where Carapars men turned on him. He then killed the entire village along with his men, but not before they had killed his wife. Carapar then joined the league on the one condition that his daughter was protected. Pridak broke that promise killing her in order to gain Carapar’s vote. Carapar was furious and almost killed Pridak. Takadox then erased all memory of his daughter and wife. His Raw strength alone along with his giant claw gave him the nickname of “the crab”

Mantax: Mantax is The Barraki’s spy, with his incredible camouflage and stealth he was able to gather more information than anyone ever could before. His entire body is covered in poisonous spikes that can be fired like darts so even if his cover was blown the enemy wouldn’t have been alive to see their plans come through. He is incredibly patient being able to wait in the sand or ground for however long it takes. He came into power by toppling the earth kingdom’s government by learning the code’s to the monetary system and changing the value of their money to zero. When he was king nobody but his most trusted people knew what he was doing. There were even some things his advisers didn’t know. He joined the league after finding out they had plans to destroy his kingdom if he didn’t. During the Election he voted for Pridak willingly admiring his determination to get what he wants. Because of his patience he is sometimes known as “the Ray” by his brothers

Takadox: Takadox is second in command of the Barraki, and has powers of manipulation and mind control. He started his life on the street using his powers to grow higher and higher up the social ladder. In the process he fell in love with a gypsy who he vowed that he would return to her after he conquered the world. He eventually became the advisor to the king of the water kingdom. He manipulated the king into killing himself, and since the king had no children he was next in line for the throne. While King he came up with the idea for the league of six kingdoms and reached out to the other six kings at the time requesting their service. During the election offered to spare the gypsy in exchange for Takadox’s mind control to be used on Carapar and Ehlek as well as his vote. Takadox agreed but Pridak had already killed her by the time Takadox was done. Since then Takadox & Pridak where at odds with Takadox planning to kill Pridak and take over the league. He is also a skilled swordsman and very fast even if he lacks in physical strength department his mind makes up for it. He earned the nickname of “the mantis” by his brothers because of his mental power.

Karhzani: Karhzani is main guardian of the pit sentenced there after his horrible conditions to the Matoran. He now wears the mask of control that can be used to manipulate or destroy anything. He wields the Dimensional Axe, an axe that when struck by will send you to a random timeline. If the axe is destroyed the universe will be too. He shows no Mercy to anyone who tries to escape the Black Sea. The way to his fortress is long and treacherous filled with many dangers including his Elite Guard made up of 3 Hydraxon. There are also many dangerous Rahi, Mazes, and Traps.

Side Characters:

The Pit Raiders: A group of Six Bounty hunters hired by Karzahni to stop the Barraki. They don’t have names rather going by aliases They each excel in a certain skill that make them unstoppable as a team.
Ignite: Great Leader and Swordsman
Coral: She is the tactical powerhouse who never fights rather choosing to make the plans that her 5 brothers use.
Ace: Excellent Tracker, Uses 2 Axe
Storm: Master Manipulator. Uses a Spear
Quake: Brute Powerhouse: Uses 2 Quake Gloves
Sandstorm: Stealthy Ninja that uses Shurikens

Barraki Squid:
Pridak: Seek and Destroy
Kalmah: Suffocation
Ehlek: Explosive and Toxic
Carapar: Weakening
Mantax: Paralyzation
Takadox: Neorotoxin

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