Land Whale

Oh yea…the timeline…
Eh whatever, I just had this old head design laying around and a few extra minutes and I threw this thing together for the third time.

Oh yea, this I said the third version of this creature. Well if we go all the way back to 2016…

I had fallen in love with the Dah’ren Mohran after playing mh4u and wanted to make a big sand whale moc that I would use with this big pirate ship set I picked up earlier.
I still have that ship

While this creature has been scraped for parts time-and-time again, it’s just been to iconic for me to ever truly get rid of it.

Similar to how I based the original concept on a boss fight from a video game, I tried doing the same thing with this version. V3 was loosely modeled after the Dirge and Pelagia fights from Shadow of the Colossus. The fight would go a as follows:


The player having entered the beast’s subterranean lair would need to find higher ground while the gigantic beast chased them.
In the next part, the player would need to shoot a projectile at the glowing spot on the beast’s chin causing it to swerve left and hit the wall of the cave or a stone pillar. This would stun it for a few seconds allowing the player to jump on.

Stage 2: stab driving

The player after exhausting a weak point on its back between its armor would need to hold on to one of the many spears lodged into the creatures back to prevent flying off. The player would then have to hit one of the three dorsal spines to control the creature’s direction as it swam and cause it to crash into more things and exposing more weak points

Other details:

It’s mouth can open very large

Somehow I made the text this way and I don’t know how. I’m scared

So it’s a land whale. It’s by far one of my beaker mocs but I consider it special. I vew him ast the “good guy” of my collection. Hope you’re enjoyed

What do you want me to show off next? Muscle man or spooky vampire?


Oh no.

Show the spooky vampire next.
I’m already sp00ped.

Edited Title to remove clickbait xdddddd - Sp00py Distraxx

spooky vampire, because spooks are nice.
As for the MOC it’s nice.
but the colors are everywhere
and that’s not nice


Nice silhouette but there are gaps everywhere

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It wasn’t clickbait.

It said exactly what was in the moc but with a little humor.

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I didn’t really mind the change that much. Looking back I kind of regret it.

I know, that was a joke.
a joke i made when I was extremely tired

it looks pretty good but it could be cleaned up a bit

I love Dahren Mohran & this isn’t a half bad moc inspired by it

I’ve always loved the concept of land and sky whales.

I’m definitely intrigued, but it seems a little too angular for an organic creature. Good luck!

Personally, I’d go with the muscle-man next.

I want a revamp, because it really don’t like it. The color scheme it’s broke a few times. I hope the second version will be in black and brown, because I really don’t like red and brown.