Large specialized Bionicle pieces

What do you guys think about those huge specialized Bionicle pieces like Gadunka's head, the Visorak torso, and even things like Mata torsos, among others?

Personally, I've never liked them at all. They're difficult to MOC with and don't provide much of a interesting build with all of that bulk. I've seen some people use things like Metru torsos as legs and such, but they still take up so much space and are difficult to build around and modify.

What are the most creative ways you guys have used these pieces in MOCs, and what are your general thoughts on them?



my self moc has Fenrakk heads as shoulders/shoulder pads

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I used metru torsos as hands/lower arms once on a merman titan moc.

Aye, I saw. Another issue I have with those pieces are that they very obviously look like what they were made to be. Fenrakk heads look like Fenrakk heads, and are very hard to integrate into a MOC.
Yeah, they work pretty well as limbs. Do you have any pictures?

I think they look cool and help with simple mocs, but I wouldn't know about larger mocs...

I've seen torsos used as anything from hands, to arms, to legs.I personally like using Metru torsos to give big gorilla hands.

I used Metru bodies for fore arms and Phantoka bodies as lower legs, if that counts?

I feel that most of the rahi skull pieces where actually pretty useful for MOCing...
Mata and Metru torsos though....

I dunno, I found the Visorak torsos the hardest to work with. Gadunka's head wasn't very helpful either. Most of the time, it's because of how they're shaped, and the lack of pin and axle holes that they become not very useful pieces.

Every torso ever invented. All of them are so... unusable for other things.

The Fenrakk and Gadunka headplates were okay I guess. Never got them.


I used the mata torsos as the heads of a hammer and the Visorak carapaces as shields. Other than that I just used them as their intended purpose, making spiders out of Visorak, using torsos as torsos, and using Gadunka's head as the head of a water-based titan.

I never liked specialized pieces. I found them extremely difficult to MOC with.

I have used the large variant of the Av-Matoran bodies as feet and a Visorak torso as back plating.

I'm using Visorak shells on the upper arms of my Mata Nui robot.

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I've used Mata torsos in a couple of large mocs, always to take advantage of their connection points.


Yes i have a photo

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