Largest collection I have ever seen!

I'd like to share with you the very large collection of BIONICLE! This guy from Slovakia has all of them including combo models!

His name is Tuzo and all credits go to him. Back in days of BIONICLE glory he was very popular and I really liked him.
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Wow. O.o

I am literally so jelly right now.

I will pay $0.2 cents for that collection.



Wow. He not only has every set but the guy actually went out and built other Matoran and the dark hunters. The fan built dark hunters. That's some dedication.


yup, now he's building all the rahi, and other creatures without any instruction, just from available pics...

He's certainly the Pokemon master of Bionicle fans.


thoughts while scrolling through

1 could this first pic be a little blurrier?

2 wow

3 wow

4 wow

5 holy gadunka that's a lot of Vahki

6 Wait, I didn't see Irnakk or Umbra up there

7 Wait, is it Irnakk or Inrakk

7 He has enough Toa Nuva to make all these customs?

8 I can't count

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They are here just try to search it with "ctrl+F", I found them...

Wait, next to Umbra, is that Tahtorak?

yup, he is recreating all the rahi...

And right next to that is Tahu Mata wearing the solid gold Hau, cuz why not?

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ehm, I'm not quite sure.... maybe it's silver one from Power Pack.

Just imagine MOCing possibilities with such collection smiley

I'm just imagining playing with them all.


He made 6 series photo-story...
Each sequel had 100 parts..
Each part had 50+ photos..
It is called ULTIMATE STORY, but unfortunately it's only in slovak...

I am extremely impressed with this collection. It must took this guy a LONG time to get every set, let alone everything shown in these pictures. It's just mind-boggling.

Kind of feel he went a little 'crazy with power' during most of the Era's with the amount of duplicate sets he brought...

Though it is an impressive collection.

Seems fine here to me I suppose :3

Dang! I keep scrolling through thinking to myself Where does this end?! wow, just wow.


I want this now. Like, now.

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that vahki army is terrifying, but that's actually really cool he has everyone and sets that don't even have instructions and just pictures